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Intended Use; Important Safety Instructions - Silvercrest SFS 150 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Vacuum sealer


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Vacuum Sealer

Intended Use

This plastic film sealer is intended for the occasional
vacuum-packing of food in typical household quan-
tities and only for private household use.
This product is not intended for commercial or in-
dustrial applications or for continuous operation.

Important safety instructions

To avoid potentially fatal electric
• Protect the appliance against moisture. Only use
the device in dry rooms, not outdoors. Ensure
that fluids can never permeate into the appliance,
whether during cleaning or from the leaking of
fluids during the sealing process. Also, do not
use the appliance if you have wet hands.
• Ensure that the power plug is at all times freely
accessible, so that in a case of emergency it can
be quickly removed from the power source.
• Ensure that when the appliance is in use the power
cable cannot become jammed or damaged in
any way. Place it such that no one can trip or
stumble over it.
• In order to avoid potentially fatal risks, should the
power cable and/or the plug become damaged,
arrange for it/them to be replaced by Customer
Services before continuing to use the appliance.
• Should the appliance become damaged, im-
mediately remove the power plug. Then arrange
for the device to be checked by Customer Services.
• After use or during extended absences, ALWAYS
remove the plug from the power socket. Never
leave the appliance unsupervised when it is
connected to mains power. The appliance is
electrically "live" for as long as the plug is in-
serted into the wall socket.
To avoid the risk of fire:
• Use only the special plastic films that are suitable
for a plastic film sealer.
• Allow the appliance to cool down after every se-
aling process before continuing to use it.
• NEVER position the appliance below inflammable
objects, especially not below curtains or drapes.
• Do not use an external timing switch or a separate
remote control system to operate this appliance.
To avoid the risks of accidents and
personal injuries:
• During operation, both the sealing wire and the
cutting wire heat up. NEVER touch them directly
after a sealing process.
• This appliance is not intended for use by indivi-
duals (including children) with restricted physical,
physiological or intellectual abilities or deficiences
in experience and/or knowledge unless they are
supervised by a person responsible for their sa-
fety or receive from this person instruction in how
the appliance is to be used. Children should be
supervised to ensure that they do not play with
the device.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents