Silvercrest SFS 150 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Silvercrest SFS 150 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Vacuum sealer


Vacuum Sealer SFS 150 A1
Vacuum Sealer
Operating instructions
ID-Nr.: SFS 150 A1-01/10-V2


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  • Page 1 KITCHEN TOOLS Vacuum Sealer SFS 150 A1 Vacuum Sealer Operating instructions KOMPERNASS GMBH BURGSTRASSE 21 · D-44867 BOCHUM ID-Nr.: SFS 150 A1-01/10-V2...
  • Page 2 SFS 150 A1...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Content Intended Use Important safety instructions Items supplied Technical Data Description of the appliance Commissioning Inserting the film...3 Utilisation Sealing the film ...4 Vacuuming films ...5 Storing the appliance...6 Cleaning Cleaning the collector receptacle...6 Cleaning the appliance ...6 Maintenance Disposal Importer Warranty and Service Read these operating instructions carefully before using the appliance for the first time and preserve this...
  • Page 4: Intended Use

    Vacuum Sealer Intended Use This plastic film sealer is intended for the occasional vacuum-packing of food in typical household quan- tities and only for private household use. This product is not intended for commercial or in- dustrial applications or for continuous operation. Important safety instructions To avoid potentially fatal electric shocks:...
  • Page 5: Items Supplied

    Items supplied 1 Plastic Film Sealer 1 Tube film made of PE-HD (Polyethylene of high density) Operating Instructions Order card Check to ensure that the appliance is undamaged and that all parts and remnants of the packaging are removed from it. Technical Data Mains voltage: 230-240 V ~ 50Hz...
  • Page 6: Utilisation

    Utilisation Sealing the film Attention : For sealing use only films rated HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene) or LDPE (Low Density PolyEthylene). The film thickness must be 30 - 50 μ (0.03 - 0.05 mm). Otherwise, the sealing seam will not be tight and the appliance could be damaged.
  • Page 7: Vacuuming Films

    Warning: If the control lamp does not go out after 10 seconds at the latest, the appliance is defective! Immediately remove the plug from the wall socket. Do not attempt to repair the appliance yourself. In this case, contact Customer Services. Open the appliance cover the film.
  • Page 8: Storing The Appliance

    As soon as the air has been sucked from the bag, press and hold the Seal/Cut button with both hands, as already described, and seal the bag. Storing the appliance Do not wrap the power cable around the appli- ance, use the guides provided on the bottom of the appliance.
  • Page 9: Disposal

    DES UK LTD Tel.: 0871 5000 700 (£ 0.10 / minute) e-mail: Kompernass Service Ireland Tel: 1850 930 412 (0,082 EUR/Min.) Standard call rates apply. Mobile operators may vary. e-mail:

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