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Saeco Lirika Operating Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
Type SUP041E
Read these operating instructions carefully before using the machine.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Type SUP041E OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Read these operating instructions carefully before using the machine.
  • Page 2: Overview

    16 17 • 2 •...
  • Page 3 • 3 •...
  • Page 4 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS or feet. Do not let the power cord hang freely from tables or shelves. Never allow water to come into contact For the Safety of Others with any of the electrical parts of the ma- Ensure that children cannot play with the ma- chine: danger of short circuit! Hot water chine and/or the packaging materials.
  • Page 5 alert the service provider, who will carry out a fect the correct operation of the milk brewing safety check. system. Cleaning Storing the Machine Before cleaning the machine, the power button If the machine is to remain inactive for a long must be switched to OFF (0) and the plug must time, turn it off and unplug it.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Machine Use - User Manual CONTENTS 1 GENERAL INFORMATION ........7 9 INSTALLATION ..........22 1.1 Intended Use of the Machine ........7 9.1 Safety Instructions ............22 1.2 How to Read the Manual..........7 9.2 Stop Functions ............23 1.3 How to Use these Operating Instructions .....7 9.3 List of Accessories ............23 1.4 Machine Identifi cation ..........7 9.4 Assembly-Siting ............24...
  • Page 7: General Information

    Machine Use - User Manual Service Provider/Supply Operator: GENERAL INFORMATION Company or person responsible for normal ma- chine installation, start-up and suspension of Intended Use of the Machine service. On detecting machine failures, the Ser- This machine automatically brews: vice Provider should request the assistance of the - Coff ee and espresso coff ee using coff ee beans;...
  • Page 8: Technical Specifi Cations

    Machine Use - User Manual Technical Specifi cations MACHINE COMPONENTS Note: The “key to components” includes all ma- Technical Specifi cations chine models; check which one matches your ma- Power Supply and Nominal Voltage-Power Rating chine. Certain functions may not be available. See plate attached to the back of the appliance Water tank lid Machine Housing Material...
  • Page 9: Control Panel Description

    Machine Use - User Manual Control Panel Description USING THE MACHINE Note: All possible controls are described here. Before using the machine, check that the water tank and the cof- Refer to the following sections for the operating fee bean hopper are fi lled and that the machine is properly clean. modes.
  • Page 10: Turning On The Machine

    Machine Use - User Manual Turning on the Machine When completed, the machine is ready for use. Warning! Connection to the power supply should be carried out exclusively by the service provider! Before turning on the machine, ensure that the plug is correctly inserted in the power socket.
  • Page 11: Eco-Friendly: Stand-By

    Machine Use - User Manual Eco-friendly: Stand-by Adjusting the Aroma (Coff ee Strength) The machine is designed for energy saving. The machine auto- Choose your favourite coff ee blend and adjust the amount of coff ee matically turns off after 30 minutes of inactivity. to be ground according to your personal taste.
  • Page 12: Adjusting The Coff Ee Length

    Machine Use - User Manual machine; the display shows the 2 cups icon. The “ ” button (18) has now been programmed. Each time it is pressed, the machine will brew the same amount of espresso coff ee that has just been programmed. Note: To program the “...
  • Page 13: Dispensing Steam / Preparing A Cappuccino

    Machine Use - User Manual Note: It is advisable to also empty the drip tray Note: To make a good quality cappuccino, use cold (see section 6.3). milk (~5°C / 41°F) with a protein content of at least 3%. Whole milk or skimmed milk may be used de- Only when the display shows the following icons in sequence: pending on individual taste.
  • Page 14: Dispensing Hot Water

    Machine Use - User Manual 3.13 Dispensing Hot Water Danger of burning! Dispensing may be preceded by small jets of hot water. The Pannarello may reach high temperatures: Do not touch it with bare hands. Use the appropriate protective handle only. Note: The dispensing of hot water and steam is Place a container under the Pannarello (Fig.10, page 3).
  • Page 15: Machine Functions

    Machine Use - User Manual Machine Functions The following functions can be programmed: Coff ee Temperature This function allows you to adjust the coff ee brewing tempera- ture. Press the “ ” (18) and “ ” (20) buttons to increase or de- crease the value of the function.
  • Page 16: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Machine Use - User Manual Cleaning the Pannarello CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Warning. Before performing this operation, make As some of the parts of the appliance come in contact with water sure that the wand is cold: Danger of burns! and coff ee during normal use, it is important to clean the appli- ance regularly.
  • Page 17: Cleaning The Coff Ee Grounds Drawer

    Machine Use - User Manual Brew Group - Weekly Cleaning The Brew Group should be cleaned whenever the coff ee bean hopper is fi lled, or at least once a week. Turn off the machine by switching the power button to the "O"...
  • Page 18 Machine Use - User Manual Wash the Brew Group with lukewarm water and carefully wash the upper fi lter. Before placing the Brew Group in its seat, ensure that there is no water left in the brewing chamber. If the coff ee residues drawer is not correctly posi- tioned, the brew group may not fi t into the ma- chine.
  • Page 19 Machine Use - User Manual Insert the Brew Group into its seat again until it locks into place, WITHOUT pressing the "PUSH" button. Insert the coff ee grounds drawer and the drip tray. Close the service door. • 19 •...
  • Page 20: Machine Warnings

    Machine Use - User Manual MACHINE WARNINGS This chapter describes all the warning messages that the machine may display to the user, and the actions that can and/ or must be performed by the user. Warning Signals (Yellow Colour) How to Reset the Message The machine is in warm-up phase to brew beverages or dispense hot water.
  • Page 21 Machine Use - User Manual Warning Signals (Red Colour) How to Reset the Message Insert the drip tray and the coff ee grounds drawer into the machine and close the service door. Fill the coff ee bean hopper. This icon appears for 5 seconds, from when the machine detects that it has fi nished the coff ee to be ground.
  • Page 22: Handling And Storage

    Machine Installation - Service Provider Manual • Connection to the drinking water network (for water-net- HANDLING AND STORAGE work supplied machines) should be made in compliance with All the operations described in chapter 8 must the safety regulations in force in the country where the ma- be performed exclusively by the service provider chine is to be used.
  • Page 23: Stop Functions

    Machine Installation - Service Provider Manual • Before cleaning the machine, ensure the plug is disconnected Lubricating oil: to lubricate the from the power socket; do not wash it with fuel and/or sol- Brew Group at periodic intervals (see vents of any kind. section 11.2).
  • Page 24: Assembly-Siting

    Machine Installation - Service Provider Manual Assembly-Siting After placing the packaged product near the installation site, pro- ceed as follows: The machine should not be installed outdoors or • ensure that the packaging has not been tampered with dur- in environments in which jets of water or steam ing transport and that the original packaging is intact and are used.
  • Page 25: Electrical Connection

    Machine Installation - Service Provider Manual Electrical Connection 9.10.1 At First Start-up To turn on the machine simply press the " " button (21). The This operation must only be performed by special- control panel indicates that the circuit must be primed. ised technical personnel or by the service provider.
  • Page 26: Measuring And Adjusting Water Hardness

    That is why all Hardness 3 Saeco machines can be equipped with the INTENZA+ fi lter. This fi lter is easy to use and its sophisticated technology is eff ective Hardness 2 in preventing limescale build-up.
  • Page 27 Machine Installation - Service Provider Manual Put the fi lter into the empty tank. Press it to its limit stop. A = Soft water B = Hard water (standard) C = Very hard water Fill the tank with fresh drinking water and reinsert it into the machine.
  • Page 28: Adjusting The Coff Ee Grinder

    Machine Installation - Service Provider Manual 9.12.1 Replacing the “Intenza+” Water Filter Press and turn the grinder adjustment knob one notch at a time. You will taste the diff erence after brewing 2 to 3 cups of If the fi lter is already installed and the machine indicates that it coff ee.
  • Page 29: Machine Programming

    Machine Installation - Service Provider Manual Note: After 3 minutes of inactivity, the machine 10 MACHINE PROGRAMMING will exit programming mode and return to stand- All the operations described in chapter 10 must ard operating mode. be performed exclusively by the service provider or a specialised technician, who shall organise The menus should be PASSWORD-protected.
  • Page 30: Programming Controls

    Machine Installation - Service Provider Manual 10.2 Programming Controls When the machine menus are accessed, the buttons on the keypad take on new functions. " " "change" button (18) This button allows the parameters to be changed when they are displayed. This button allows the parameters to be changed when they are displayed.
  • Page 31: Descaling Cycle

    Machine Installation - Service Provider Manual Descaling cycle This function activates the descaling cycle. Credit management This function activates credit management. Credit charging This function activates credit charging. 0 0 0 Note: This function is visible only if the "Credit management" function is CONFIRM set to "YES".
  • Page 32: Setting The Password

    Machine Installation - Service Provider Manual 10.4 Setting the PASSWORD To enter the password: Press the " " (18) or " " (20) button to set the desired The PASSWORD must be set by the service provider in order to number.
  • Page 33: Setting Credits

    Machine Installation - Service Provider Manual 10.5 Setting Credits To charge credits: Press the " " (18) or " " (20) button to set the desired Credits can be set to allow coff ee to be brewed under the strict number.
  • Page 34: Cleaning And Maintenance

    For improved effi ciency, it is advisable to carry out the cleaning as described in the "Brew Group - Weekly Cleaning" chapter. and maintenance operations indicated in the following table. Lubricate the brew group guides using Saeco grease only. Every When an...
  • Page 35: Descaling

    Machine Installation - Service Provider Manual Use the Saeco descaling product only. Its formula has been spe- Also lubricate the shaft. cifi cally designed to ensure better machine performance and op- eration for its whole operating life. If correctly used, it also avoids alterations in the brewed product.
  • Page 36: Machine Installation

    Press the " " button (22) to exit. Pour the entire contents of the bottle of Saeco concentrated Note: Use a container of at least 1.5 litres capacity. descaling solution into the machine's water tank. Press the “ ” button (20).
  • Page 37 Machine Installation - Service Provider Manual Place a container under the steam/hot water wand and an- Once the rinse cycle is complete, the machine carries out the other one under the dispensing spout. warm-up and rinse cycle to be ready for product brewing. Rinse the water tank thoroughly and fi ll it again with fresh Empty the containers used to collect the liquid dispensed by drinking water up to the MAX level.
  • Page 38: Machine Disposal

    Machine Installation - Service Provider Manual The user must therefore take the appliance to be disposed of to 12 MACHINE DISPOSAL a suitable recycling centre for electronic and electrotechnical In compliance with art. 13 of the Italian Legislative Decree dated equipment, or alternatively hand it over to the vendor on a one 25 July 2005, no.
  • Page 39 Machine actions Causes Solutions The brew group cannot be removed. The brew group is out of place. Turn on the machine. Close the service door. The brew group automatically returns to the initial position. The coff ee grounds drawer is inserted. Remove the coff ee grounds drawer before removing the brew group.
  • Page 40 The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.

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