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KitchenAid Pro LineTM Installation And Use Instructions Manual page 9

30" (76.2 cm) 36" (91.4 cm) 42" (106.7 cm) 48" (121.9 cm) wall-mount pro line range hood
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Replacing the Halogen
36" (91.4 cm) and 42" (106.7 cm) hoods
Before you begin, make sure that
the range hood is turned off and
that the other lamps have had
sufficient time to cool. Halogen
bulbs burn extremely hot.
To replace a halogen lamp:
• Remove 2 screws from the
circular metal trim around the
lamp assembly.
• Pull the trim with the lamp
assembly attached down far
enough so that the lamp can be
pushed out of the socket.
• Insert the new lamp into the
socket and push the lamp and
trim assembly back up into the
• Replace the trim.
The canopy hood is designed to
remove smoke, cooking vapors
and odors from the cooktop area.
For best results, start the hood
before cooking and allow it to
operate several minutes after the
cooking is complete to clear all
smoke and odors from the kitchen.
Installation kits
Optional Installation Kits available from your dealer.
Note: Kits are available in stainless steel only.
Backsplash: Must be installed before hood is installed.
30" (76.2 cm) hood: Kit No. 8285148
36" (91.4 cm) hood: Kit No. 8284756
42" (106.7 cm) hood: Kit No. 8284827
48" (121.9 cm) hood: Kit No. 8284755
Vent covers: 12" (30.5 cm) high, 12" (30.5 cm) deep.
30" (76.2 cm) hood: Kit No. 8285149
36" (91.4 cm) hood: Kit No. 8284753
42" (106.7 cm) hood: Kit No. 8284828
48" (121.9 cm) hood: Kit No. 8284752
Opening the canopy hood
control panel:
The hood controls are located on
the right-hand underside of the
Operating the light:
ON: Move the light switch to the
"1" position.
OFF: Move the light switch to the
"0" position.
Operating the blower:
ON: Move the blower switch to
the "1" position.
OFF: Move the blower switch to
the "0" position.
Adjusting the blower speed:
The blower has three speed
Move the blower speed switch to:
"1" position for low speed,
"2" position for medium speed,
or "3" position for high speed.
available from your dealer
Chimney extensions: extends from 12" (30.5 cm) to
23" (58.4 cm) high. For use with 30" (76.2 cm), 36"
(91.4 cm), 42" (106.7 cm) and 48" (121.9 cm) hoods:
Kit No. 8284754
Vent transition: transitions from two 3-1/4" x 10"
(8.3 x 25.4 cm) vents to one 10" (25.4 cm) round vent.
Not for use with chimney extension Kit No. 8284754.
The filters should be washed
frequently. Place metal filters in
dishwasher or hot detergent
solution to clean.
To remove filters:
Note: Use two hands to remove
filters, one to pull and turn the
knob, the other to hold the filter
so that it doesn't fall onto the
• Pull knob forward, toward the
front of the hood, while turning
the knob to the left (counter-
clockwise) to release the locking
To reinstall filters, see Step 16.
Exterior surfaces:
blower speed
• Do not use steel wool or soap-
filled scouring pads.
• Rub in direction of the grain line
to avoid marring the surface.
• Always wipe dry to avoid water
• KitchenAid
Formula Stainless Steel Cleaner
& Polish is the cleaner
recommended for cleaning
stainless steel surfaces on this
product. To order call our
Customer Service Center at
1-800-442-9991 or order on-line at
and ask for part number
8171420. To order from Canada,
call 1-800-807-6777.
• If commercial cleaners are used,
follow label directions. Do not
use products that contain
chlorine (bleach). Chlorine is a
corrosive substance.
For routine cleaning and
fingerprints, use liquid detergent
soap and water, or all-purpose
cleaner. Wipe with damp cloth or
sponge, then rinse with clean
water and wipe dry.
30" (76.2 cm) hood: Not available
36" (91.4 cm) hood: Not available
42" (106.7 cm) hood: Not available
48" (121.9 cm) hood: Kit No. 8284757



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