Care And Cleaning; Cleaning The Exterior; Cleaning The Filter - KitchenAid 5KEK1222 Instructions For Use Manual

Water kettle
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Cleaning the exterior

IMPORTANT: Before cleaning always
disconnect the Electric Kettle from
electrical outlet. Make sure the Electric
Kettle has cooled completely.

Cleaning the filter

The Electric Kettle features a removable mesh filter that traps scale deposits for cleaner
water. The filter will need to be cleaned periodically—more often if you have hard water.
To access filter: Open the lid; the
filter is located behind spout inside
Electric Kettle. Grasp the top of
the filter to remove.
NOTE: If calcium deposits remain on the filter, let it stand overnight in a solution of water
and white vinegar. Rinse the filter thoroughly and replace in the Electric Kettle.
The exterior of the Electric Kettle may
be cleaned with a damp cloth. Dry and
polish the Electric Kettle with a soft
cloth. Abrasives and scouring agents
of any kind are not recommended.
Clean under hot water with a soft
brush or cloth to remove deposits,
and replace filter by sliding the filter
into the slot behind the spout.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents