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Testing The Installation - Philips SpeechMike Pro 6184 Installation And User Manual

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SpeechMike Pro Barcode Reader Installation and User Manual

Testing the Installation

1. Go to the Start menu and select Settings, Control Panel.
2. Double-click the Mouse icon; the Mouse Properties dialog box appears.
3. Open the SpeechMike tab and click the Test button. The following screen appears:
You can now check if the SpeechMike Pro buttons are working correctly by pressing
each button; the corresponding button on the screen will toggle.
Note: If the Record, Play/Stop, Fast Rewind, Fast Forward, INS/OVWR and EOL
buttons do not work properly in a programmed mode, there is a compatibility
problem with an additional mouse; if the mouse buttons do not work properly,
there is a hardware conflict. For details on solving these problems, please refer to
the Readme file on the SpeechMike CD or go to the Start menu, Programs,
SpeechMike and select Readme.
After a successful test, click OK and return to your Windows desktop.
The installation is now complete.
Recordings made with the SpeechMike Pro may be distorted due to the varying input
sensitivities of different sound cards. This will impair the quality of your dictations. If this
problem occurs, please use the built-in sensitivity switch on the underside of the
SpeechMike Pro, which can be adjusted using a small screwdriver.
The default setting is "III" and should not normally need to be
altered. However, if your recordings are distorted, move the
switch to the setting "II" (approx. -10 dB) to reduce the input
level. If your recordings are still distorted, turn the switch to
the setting "I" (approx. -20 dB).