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Philips SpeechMike Pro 6184 Installation And User Manual page 8

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SpeechMike Pro Barcode Reader Installation and User Manual
SpeechMike Settings
You can make settings for the SpeechMike Pro in the Windows Control Panel.
1. Go to the Start menu and select Settings, Control Panel.
2. Double-click the Mouse icon; the Mouse Properties dialog box appears.
3. Open the SpeechMike tab and the following screen appears:
When you select Disable SpeechMike Trackball, the trackball, the left and right
mouse buttons and the trigger button will be deactivated.
SpeechMike Buttons
When you select Disable, the six freely configurable buttons will be deactivated.
Use Bottom Mike Button as
With this selection, you can configure the trigger button on the underside of the
SpeechMike to emulate either the left or right mouse button.
Test button
When you click this button, the SpeechMike Test Page will be displayed.
Reset button
When you click this button, the original configuration of the SpeechMike Pro buttons
will be restored and the device drivers will be initialized again. Use this button if you
move your SpeechMike Pro from COM1 to COM2 or if your SpeechMike Pro
suddenly does not work properly any more.
Testing the SpeechMike Pro trackball
As soon as the driver PSP6174 is installed, the trackball should work.