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Detergents & General Cleaning Techniques - Kärcher HDS 4.0/32 Pe Cage Operator's Manual

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WARNING: Some detergents
may be harmful if inhaled or
ingested, causing severe nau-
sea, fainting or poisoning. The
harmful elements may cause
property damage or severe
STEP 1: Use detergent designed
specifically for pressure washers.
Household detergents could dam-
age the pump. Prepare detergent
solution as required by the manu-
facturer. Fill a container with pres-
sure washer detergent. Place the
filter end of detergent suction tube
into the detergent container.
STEP 2: Open detergent metering valve.
STEP 3: Detergent will be drawn into
the pump and coil and discharged
under pressure. Never use anything
that will damage the pump and coil.
STEP 4: With the engine running,
pull trigger to operate machine.
Liquid detergent is drawn into the
machine and mixed with water. Apply detergent to work
area. Do not allow detergent to dry on surface.
IMPORTANT: You must flush the detergent from
your machine after each use by placing the suction
tube into a bucket of clean water and then running
the pressure washer for 1-2 minutes.
If you run the engine on your pressure washer for 3-5
minutes without pressing the trigger on the spray gun,
circulating water in the pump can reach high tempera-
tures. When the water reaches this temperature, the
pump protector engages and cools the pump by dis-
charging the warm water onto the ground. This thermal
device prevents internal damage to the pump.
Pre-rinse cleaning surface with fresh water. Place de-
tergent suction tube directly into cleaning solution and
apply to surface at low pressure (for best results, limit
your work area to sections approximately 6 feet square
and always apply detergent from bottom to top). Allow
detergent to remain on surface 1-3 minutes. Do not
allow detergent to dry on surface. If surface appears
to be drying, simply wet down surface with fresh water.
If needed, use brush to remove stubborn dirt. Rinse at
high pressure from top to bottom in an even sweeping
motion keeping the spray nozzle approximately 1 foot
from cleaning surface. Use overlapping strokes as you
clean and rinse any surface. For best surface cleaning
action spray at a slight angle.
• Before cleaning any surface, an inconspicuous
area should be cleaned to test spray pattern and
distance for maximum cleaning results.
• If painted surfaces are peeling or chipping, use
extreme caution as pressure washer may remove
the loose paint from the surface.
• Keep the spray nozzle a safe distance from the
surface you plan to clean. High pressure wash a
small area, then check the surface for damage. If
no damage is found, continue to pressure wash-
CAUTION - Never use:
• Bleach, chlorine products and other corrosive
• Liquids containing solvents (i.e., paint thinner,
gasoline, oils)
• Tri-sodium phosphate products
• Ammonia products
• Acid-based products
These chemicals will harm the machine and will dam-
age the surface being cleaned.
It will take a few seconds for the detergent to clear.
Apply safety latch to spray gun. Remove black soap
nozzle from the quick coupler. Select and install the
desired high pressure nozzle. NOTE: You can also stop
detergent from flowing by simply removing detergent
siphon tube from bottle.
9.800-103.0 • REV. 1/07


Table of Contents