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Sony AVD-LS10 Operating Instructions Manual

Audio cd/dvd receiver.
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Audio CD/
Operating Instructions
© 2003 Sony Corporation


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 4-248-217-11(1) Audio CD/ DVD RECEIVER Operating Instructions AVD-LS10 © 2003 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2: Warning

    WARNING Welcome! To prevent fire or shock Thank you for purchasing this Sony hazard, do not expose the unit DVD receiver. Before operating this to rain or moisture. Precautions receiver, please read this manual Do not install the appliance in a...
  • Page 3: Precautions

    On placement If you have any questions or problems concerning • Place the receiver in a location with adequate your receiver, please consult your nearest Sony ventilation to prevent heat build-up in the dealer. receiver. • At high volume, over long periods of time, the On cleaning discs cabinet becomes hot to the touch.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents WARNING ......................2 Welcome! ......................2 Precautions ......................3 About this Manual ....................6 This receiver Can Play the Following Discs ............6 Notes about the Discs ..................8 Index to Parts and Controls ................9 Guide to the Control Menu Display ..............13 Getting Started ..............
  • Page 5 Searching for a Scene ............43 Searching for a Particular Point on a Disc (Scan, Slow-motion Play) ....43 Searching for a Title/Chapter/Track/Index/Scene ..........44 Sound Adjustments ............45 Changing the Sound ..................45 Enjoying Surround Sound ................46 Using only the front speakers (2 Channel Stereo) ........... 47 Enjoying Movies ..............
  • Page 6: About This Manual

    Terms for discs About this Manual • Title The longest sections of a picture or music • The instructions in this manual describe the feature on a DVD, movie, etc., in video controls on the remote. You can also use the software, or the entire album in audio software.
  • Page 7 • DVD-ROMs Note on PBC (Playback Control) • DVD Audio discs (VIDEO CDs) • A DVD with a different region code (page 7, This receiver conforms to Ver. 1.1 and Ver. 2.0 of 63). VIDEO CD standards. You can enjoy two kinds •...
  • Page 8: Notes About The Discs

    Copyrights Notes about the Discs This product incorporates copyright protection technology that is protected by method claims of On handling discs certain U.S. patents, other intellectual property • To keep the disc clean, handle the disc by its rights owned by Macrovision Corporation, and edge.
  • Page 9: Index To Parts And Controls

    1 ALL MEMORY PROGRAM SHUFFLE REMAIN MUTE PL II TITLE CHP/TRK VCD MP3 DVD RECEIVER AVD-LS10 1 POWER switch (31) 8 VOLUME control (31) 2 Disc tray (31) 9 PHONES jack (46) 3 A (open/close) (31) q; BAND (29) 4 H (play) (31) qa TUNING +/–...
  • Page 10: Front Panel Display

    Front Panel Display When playing back a DVD Current surround Current title format number Current play mode Playing time Current chapter Disc kinds Playing Current number status sound When playing back a MP3 CD, CD or VIDEO CD Current Current surround Current play mode sound format...
  • Page 11 Rear Panel 1 SPEAKERS jacks (17) 5 AM antenna (19) 2 SUBWOOFER AUDIO OUT jack (17) 6 FM 75Ω COAXIAL antenna (19) 3 VIDEO 1/2 jacks (21) 7 EURO AV OUTPUT (TO TV) jack (21) 4 MONITOR OUT jack 8 DIGITAL IN/OUT OPTICAL jacks (23) continued...
  • Page 12 1 TV [/1 (on/standby) (50) Remote 2 OPEN/CLOSE (31) 3 Number buttons (33) 4 CLEAR (35) 5 FUNCTION(31) 6 BAND 7 PLAY MODE (35) 8 REPEAT (35, 38) 9 DIMMER (28) 0 TEST TONE (27) qa ./>, PRESET +/– (32) qs mM SLOW SCAN +/–...
  • Page 13: Guide To The Control Menu Display

    Guide to the Control Menu Display Use the Control Menu to select a function that you’d like to use. The Control Menu display appears when the DVD DISPLAY button is pressed. For details, refer to the page in parentheses. Control Menu Playback status 1/13 (NPlayback, XPause,...
  • Page 14: Getting Started

    Getting Started Quick Overview This chapter presents a quick overview so you can begin enjoying your new receiver right away. For selecting a language used in the on-screen display, refer to page 54. For selecting the aspect ratio of the TV to be connected, refer to page 57. Unpacking Check that you have the following items: •...
  • Page 15: Inserting Batteries Into The Remote

    Getting Started Inserting Batteries into the Remote You can control the receiver using the supplied remote. Insert two R6 (size AA) batteries by matching the 3 and # ends on the batteries to the markings inside the compartment. When using the remote, point it at the remote sensor on the receiver.
  • Page 16: Step 1: Speaker System Hookup

    Step 1: Speaker System Hookup You can enjoy surround sound by connecting 5 speakers (front L/R speakers, centre speaker, rear L/R speakers) and active subwoofer to the receiver. If you do not connect 5 speakers and active subwoofer to the receiver, the receiver optimizes the surround signal depending on the number of connected speakers. When you connect 2 speakers to the receiver, connect the speakers to the SPEAKERS FRONT L/R jacks.
  • Page 17 Terminals for connecting the speakers Connect the To the Front speakers SPEAKERS FRONT L and R terminals Rear speakers SPEAKERS REAR L and R terminals Center speaker SPEAKERS CENTER terminal Subwoofer SUBWOOFER AUDIO OUT terminal Center speaker Subwoofer (active type) SUB WOOFER VIDEO 2 VIDEO 1...
  • Page 18 To avoid short-circuiting the speakers Short-circuiting of the speakers may damage the receiver. To prevent this, be sure to follow these precautions when connecting the speakers. Make sure the bare wire of each speaker cord does not touch another speaker terminal or the bare wire of another speaker cord. Examples of poor conditions of the speaker cord Stripped speaker cord is Stripped cords are touching...
  • Page 19: Step 2: Antenna Hookups

    Step 2: Antenna Hookups Connect the supplied AM/FM antennas for listening to the radio. Terminals for connecting the antennas Connect the To the AM loop antenna AM terminals FM wire antenna FM 75Ω COAXIAL terminal FM wire antenna AM loop antenna SUB WOOFER VIDEO 2 VIDEO 1...
  • Page 20 If you have poor FM reception Use a 75-ohms coaxial cable (not supplied) to connect the receiver to an outdoor FM antenna as shown below. Earth wire Outdoor FM antenna (not supplied) FM 75 COAXIAL ANTENNA System To earth Note If you connect the receiver to an outdoor antenna, ground it to protect against lightning.
  • Page 21: Step 3: Tv Hookups

    Step 3: TV Hookups Connect a SCART (EURO AV) cord (supplied) and mains lead in the order (1 – 3) shown below. Be sure to connect the SCART (EURO AV) cord to the EURO AV OUTPUT (TO TV) jack on the receiver. Also, be sure to connect the mains lead last.
  • Page 22: Step 4: Tv Monitor And Video Components Hookups

    Step 4: TV monitor and Video Component Hookups Note Refer to the instructions supplied with the components to be connected. Required cords Video cord for connecting a TV monitor Yellow Yellow Audio/video cords (not supplied) When connecting a cord, be sure to match the colour-corded pins to the appropriate jacks on the components.
  • Page 24: Speaker Setup

    Speaker Setup For the best possible surround sound, all the speakers other than the subwoofer should be the same distance from the listening position (A). However, this receiver allows you to place the centre speaker up to 1.6 meters (5.0 feet) closer (B) and the rear speakers up to 4.6 meters (15.0 feet) closer (C) to the listening position.
  • Page 25 To set the delay time of the speakers In Dolby Digital or Dolby Pro Logic mode it is assumed that the distance from the listener to each of the speakers is equal. If not then setting the delay times of the center or rear speakers the sound will be heard simultaneously by the listener.
  • Page 26 xSetting the delay time in the Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic (II) mode Press DELAY. The current surround delay time appears in the display window. Press X/x to change the delay time. If setting is complete, press DELAY. Note You can adjust the center delay time only in the Dolby Digital mode and its delay time appears.
  • Page 27 To specify the level of the speakers You can set the sound level of the desired channel. Press LEVEL. The level indicator will appear in the display window. Press C/c to select a desired speaker to set. Each time you press the C/c button, it is changed as the following order; FL (Front Left) c C (Center) c FR (Front Right) c SR (Surround Right) c SL (Surround Left) c FL (Front Left) Press X/x to adjust the sound level of the selected channel.
  • Page 28 xLEVEL You can vary the level of each speaker as follows. The default settings are underlined. • F. LEV. 0 dB (front speaker level) Adjust the level of the front speakers (you can adjust from –10 dB to +10 dB in 1 dB steps). •...
  • Page 29: Presetting Radio Stations

    FUNCTION TUNING +/– STANDBY MEMORY/CLEAN TUNING BAND DVD RECEIVER AVD-LS10 MEMORY/CLEAR BAND 1 Press FUNCTION repeatedly until tuner appears on the front panel display. 2 Press BAND repeatedly until the band you want appears on the front panel display. Every time you press BAND, the band changes to AM or FM alternately.
  • Page 30 6 Press MEMORY/CLEAR. The station is stored. STEREO TUNED 7 Repeat 1 to 6 to store other stations. To tune in a station with a weak signal Press TUNING +/– repeatedly in 3 to tune in the station manually. To change the preset number Start over from 4.
  • Page 31: Playing Discs

    POWER Adjust the volume With the playback side facing down Press H. STANDBY MEMORY/CLEAN TUNING BAND DVD RECEIVER AVD-LS10 The disc tray closes, and the receiver starts playback (continuous play). STANDBY Connect Adjust the volume on the receiver. indicator headphones...
  • Page 32: Resuming Playback From The Point Where You Stopped The Disc (resume Play)

    Saving the power in standby mode Resuming Playback from Press [/1 on the remote once. the Point Where You While the receiver is in standby mode, the Stopped the Disc STANDBY indicator on the receiver lights up. (Resume Play) To cancel standby mode Press [/1 on the remote once.
  • Page 33: Using The Dvd's Menu

    Notes Using the DVD’s Menu • Depending on where you stopped the disc, the receiver may not resume playback from exactly the same point. • The point where you stopped playing is cleared when: A DVD is divided into long sections of a –...
  • Page 34: Playing Video Cds With Pbc Functions (pbc Playback)

    To go back to the menu Playing VIDEO CDs with Press RETURN. PBC Functions (PBC Playback) z To play without using PBC, selct PBC Off in the Setup Display(page 58). Note With PBC (Playback Control) functions, • Depending on the VIDEO CD, “Press ENTER” in Step 3 may appear as “Press SELECT”...
  • Page 35: Creating Your Own Programme (programme Play)

    Creating Your Own Press X/x to select a track you want to programme. Programme (Programme Play) The cursor moves to the track (in this case, “Track 3”). 0:00:00 STER. You can play the contents of a disc in the Program TRACK 1 order you want by arranging the order of the TRACK 2...
  • Page 36 Video Mode Setting Press X/x to select the track you With certain discs, the playback picture may want to start playing. be flickering or Dot Crawl is shown on Press DVD TOP MENU to move to straight lines. That means Vertical the next page.
  • Page 37: Playing In Random Order (shuffle Play)

    Playing in random order Repeating sections between two specific (Shuffle Play) points (A-B repeat) You can have the receiver “shuffle” tracks and play them in random order. Subsequent “shuffling” may produce a different playing order. You can play a specific portion of a title or track repeatedly.
  • Page 38: Playing Repeatedly (repeat Play)

    When Program Play Playing repeatedly (Repeat • TRACK: repeats the current track. • ALL: repeats all the programmed tracks. Play) • OFF: does not play repeatedly. When Shuffle Play You can play a title/chapter/disc/track on a • TRACK: repeats the current track. disc.
  • Page 39: Playing An Mp3 Audio Track

    To stop Playing an MP3 Audio Press x during playback. Track To skip to another track during playback • Press > or . to play the next track or previous track during playback. • Press X/x to select the desired MP3 file You can play back data CDs (CD-ROMs/ and press PLAY or ENTER.
  • Page 40 Notes on MP3 Tips on recording MP3 • To enjoy high quality sound, convert to About MP3 MP3 files with a sampling frequency of • An MP3 file is audio data compressed by 44.1kHz and a fixed bit rate of 96-320 using MPEG1, the audio layer-3 file- kbps.
  • Page 41: Programmed Playback With Mp3

    Programmed playback Press ENTER or H. Playback starts and will stop after with MP3 playing the last programmed track on the MP3 Program list. Up to 60 tracks per disc can be programmed. To clear the programs on by one Press X/x in step 5 to the left to delete the Follow steps 1 and 2 of “Playing track from the MP3 program list, then press...
  • Page 42: Playing Mp3 Files Repeatedly

    xTo playback a programmed track Playing MP3 files repeatedly repeatedly Press REPEAT once during programmed playback. The current track will be played back repeatedly. xTo playback a track repeatedly 05:30 TRACK Press REPEAT once during playback. Program TRACK 1.mp3 The current track will be played back TRACK 2.mp3 TRACK 6.mp3 TRACK 3.mp3...
  • Page 43: Searching For A Scene

    Searching for a Scene Watching frame by frame (Slow- Searching for a Particular motion play) Point on a Disc (Scan, Slow- You can use this function only for DVDs or motion Play) VIDEO CDs. Press m or M when the receiver is in the pause mode.
  • Page 44: Searching For A Title/chapter/track/index/scene

    xWhen playing a VIDEO CD with Searching for a Title/ PBC Playback Chapter/Track/Index/ (SCENE) Scene xWhen playing a CD (TRACK) 1/23 You can search a DVD disc by title or chapter, and you can search a VIDEO CD or CD by track, index, or scene. As titles and Press C/c or the number buttons tracks are assigned unique numbers on the to select the title, chapter, track,...
  • Page 45: Sound Adjustments

    Sound Adjustments Changing the Sound Select the desired audio signal using C/c buttons. x When playing a DVD Depending on the DVD, the choice of If a DVD is recorded with multilingual language varies. tracks, you can select the language you want When the same language is displayed two or while playing the DVD.
  • Page 46: Enjoying Surround Sound

    Headphone Theater Enjoying Surround Sound When you connect your headphone to the PHONES jack of the receiver, the HEADPHONE THEATER mode allows you to experience a theater like environment You can take advantage of surround sound while listening through a pair of simply by selecting one of the receiver’s headphones.
  • Page 47: Using Only The Front Speakers (2 Channel Stereo)

    STANDBY MEMORY/CLEAN TUNING BAND DVD RECEIVER AVD-LS10 MEMORY/CLEAR Press and MEMORY/CLEAR on the front panel for 5 seconds, “DRC ON” Press 2 CH, “SURR OFF” appears on appears on the front panel display.
  • Page 48: Enjoying Movies

    Enjoying Movies Enjoying Movies To turn off the Control Menu Changing the Angles Press DVD DISPLAY. You can select the angle directly by pressing If various angles (multi-angles) for a scene ANGLE. Each time you press the button, the angle are recorded on the DVD, “ANGLE”...
  • Page 49: Displaying The Subtitles

    Displaying the Subtitles Press DVD DISPLAY during playback. The Control Menu appears. If subtitles are recorded on the discs, you Press X/x to select 1 ENG can turn the subtitles on and off while (SUBTITLE). playing. If multilingual subtitles are The language for SUBTITLE appear.
  • Page 50: Other Operations

    Other Operations Controlling your TV with Watching the Video or the Supplied Remote other Unit By adjusting the remote signal, you can You can use VCR or other units connected control your TV with the supplied remote. to the VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2 or OPTICAL IN jacks.
  • Page 51: Listening To The Radio

    To listen to non-preset radio stations Listening to the Radio Use manual or automatic tuning in Step 2. For manual tuning, press TUNING +/– on the front panel repeatedly. Preset radio stations in the receiver’s For automatic tuning, press and hold memory first (see “Presetting Radio TUNING +/–...
  • Page 52: Using The Radio Data System (rds)

    To check the RDS information Using the Radio Data Each time you press RDS, the display changes as follows: System (RDS) Station name** Frequency What is the Radio Data System? Radio Data System (RDS) is a broadcasting ** If the RDS broadcast is not received, the station service that allows radio stations to send name may not appear on the front panel display.
  • Page 53: Settings And Adjustments

    Settings and Adjustments The screen will show the current setting for Using the Setup Display the selected item, and the alternate setting(s). • Disc Audio : Sets the audio soundtrack language. • Disc Subtitle : Sets the subtitle language. • Disc Menu : Sets the language used in the DVD By using the Setup Display, you can make menu screen.
  • Page 54 Selecting disc languages Selecting Disc Subtitle and Disc Menu This is to select the audio soundtrack language, subtitle language and the language You can select the language for Disc used in title menus or DVD menus which Subtitle and Disc Menu at the same method will always be used for every disc to be as Selecting disc languages.
  • Page 55: Locking Discs (parental Control)

    xWhen you have already registered a Locking Disc ( password ; PARENTAL Enter a 4-digit password using the number CONTROL buttons to confirm the personal 4-digit security password, then press ENTER. If you make a mistake entering your password Press CLEAR before you press ENTER and input the correct number.
  • Page 56 Area Code Shift the cursor using C/c buttons and select the character using Enter the code of an area whose standards X/xbuttons. were used to ratee the DVD video disc, referring to the list(See “Area Code List”, page 68) Press ENTER to confirm your area code selection, then press SETUP to exit the menu.
  • Page 57 Selecting TV Aspect Press c and then press X/x to select the desired restriction level Select the appropriate screen type of your TV: conventional size screen (4:3) or wide- and press ENTER. screen (16:9). 4: 3 Select this when you connect a 4:3 screen TV.
  • Page 58 xPBC Custom Settings Set Playback Control (PBC) to ON or OFF. The settings for PBC (Playback Control), On : Video CDs with PBC are played Line and Subwoofer can be changed. according to the PBC. Off : Video CDs with PBC are played the same way as Audio CDs.
  • Page 59: Additional Information

    Should is displayed on the front panel display. any problem persist, consult your nearest , The protective device on the receiver has Sony dealer. been activated because of a short circuit. Turn off the receiver, eliminate the short-circuit Power problem and turn on the power again.
  • Page 60 Operation The surround effect is difficult to hear when you are playing a Dolby Radio stations cannot be tuned in. Digital sound track. , Check that the antennas are connected , Check the speaker connections (page 16). securely. Adjust the antennas and connect an , Depending on the DVD, the output signal external antenna if necessary.
  • Page 61 , In the Setup Display, select the desired The disc tray does not open and language for the on-screen display in “OSD” “LOCKED” appears on the front panel under “LANGUAGE SETUP” (page 54). display. , Contact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility. continued...
  • Page 62: Glossary

    Dolby Pro Logic II Surround Glossary Dolby Pro Logic II creates five full- bandwidth output channels from two- channel sources. This is done using an Chapter advanced, high-purity matrix surround decoder that extracts the spatial properties of Sections of a picture or a music piece on a the original recording without adding any DVD that are smaller than titles.
  • Page 63 The audio data is recorded in Dolby Digital Region Code as well as in PCM, allowing you to enjoy This receiver is used to protect copyrights. A more real audio presence. region number is allocated on each DVD Furthermore, various advanced functions system or DVD disc according to the sales such as the multi-angle, multilingual, and region.
  • Page 64 VIDEO CD A compact disc that contains moving pictures. The picture data uses the MPEG 1 format, one of the worldwide standards of digital compression technology. The picture data is compressed to about 1/140 of its original size. Consequently, a 12 cm VIDEO CD can contain up to 74 minutes of moving pictures.
  • Page 65: Specifications

    Specifications Amplifier section Stereo mode 40 W + 40 W (8 ohms at 1 kHz, THD 0.7 %) Surround mode Front: 40 W + 40 W (THD 0.7 %) Center*: 40 W Rear*: 40 W + 40 W (8 ohms at 1 kHz, THD 0.7 %) * Depending on the source, there may be no sound output.
  • Page 66: Fm Tuner Section

    FM tuner section System PLL quartz-locked digital synthesizer system Tuning range: 87.5 – 108.0 MHz (50 kHz step) Antenna FM wire antenna Antenna terminals 75 ohms, unbalanced Intermediate frequency 10.7 MHz AM tuner section System Tuner section: PLL quartz-locked digital synthesizer system Tuning range North American model: 531 –...
  • Page 67: Language Code List

    Language Code List For details, see pages 49, 53. The language spellings conform to the ISO 639: 1988 (E/F) standard. Code Language Code Language Code Language Code Language 1027 Afar 1183 Irish 1347 Maori 1507 Samoan 1028 Abkhazian 1186 Scots Gaelic 1349 Macedonian 1508 Shona 1032 Afrikaans...
  • Page 68: Area Code List

    Area Code List Code Area Code Area Code Area Code Area Guadeloupe Sri Lanka AD Andorra Ivory Coast (French) Liberia United Arab CK Cook Islands GQ Equatorial Emirates Lesotho Chile Guinea Afghanistan CM Cameroon Lithuania GR Greece AG Antigua and Luxembourg CN China S.
  • Page 69 French the one that works with your TV. Southern Polynesia Territories (French) Togo Papua New Manufacturer Code number Guinea Thailand Sony 01(default), 03, 04 Philippines Tadjikistan Aiwa Pakistan Tokelau Akai Poland TM Turkmenistan Blaupunkt 10, 21 PM Saint Pierre and...
  • Page 70: Dvd Setup Menu List

    DVD Setup Menu List You can set the following items with the DVD setup menu. The order of the displayed items may be different from the actual display. CUSTOM SETUP Disc Audio (Select the language you want to use from the displayed language list.) Disc Subtitle (Select the language you want to use from the displayed language list.) Disc Menu...
  • Page 71: Index

    Index Numerics 16:9 57 Handling discs 8 Scan 43 4:3 LETTER BOX 57 SCENE 44 4:3 PAN SCAN 57 Scene 6 INDEX 44 SHUFFLE 36 Index 6 Shuffle Play 37 Albums 6 SIZE 58 ANGLE 48 LANGUAGE SETUP 54 Slow-motion Play 43 Antenna Hookups 19 LEVEL 28 Speaker System Hookup 16...
  • Page 72 Sony Corporation Printed in China...

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