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About Auto Loop; About Fx (Effects - Casio Trackformer XW-DJI User Manual


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Setting a CUE POINT
You can set a CUE POINT anywhere within a track by
pressing one of the CUE POINT area buttons ([CUE 1],
[CUE 2], [CUE 3]). After that, pressing a button starts
playback from the applicable CUE POINT. To delete a
CUE POINT, hold down the [SHIFT] button as you
press the applicable CUE POINT area button ([CUE 1],
[CUE 2], [CUE 3]). Setting a CUE POINT causes a
colored indicator mark (CUE 1: red, CUE 2: green, CUE
3: blue) to appear at the corresponding position on the
on-screen record.
This capability comes in handy when you want to
create a mix, for example, that sets points for Melody
A, Melody B, and chorus.
Using TRACKFORMER (djay2 for iPad/iPhone)


LOOP is a function that lets you repeat play back a
section of a track. Loops can be woven together for
virtually unlimited DJ mixing creativity.
Pressing the [LOOP] button in the AUTO LOOP area
creates a loop a specified number of beats long.
Pressing the [1/2] button halves the length of the
loop, while the [x2] button doubles the length of the
Pressing the [LOOP] button again cancels AUTO

About FX (Effects)

djay2 for iPad/iPhone includes a large number of
effects that you can apply to mixes. Effects provide you
with versatility to create exciting arrangements from
base tracks.
The currently selected effects can be applied to the
sound being played by pressing the [FX] button in
the EFFECT area.
You can change the effect type using the [ ] and [ ]
buttons on either side of the [FX] button.
You can use the [FX PARAMETER] slide fader to
control the intensity of the applied effects.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents