Using Usb Bus Power - Casio Trackformer XW-DJI User Manual

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Power Requirements
• Remove the battery compartment cover located in
the center of TRACKFORMER's bottom panel, and
load six AA-size batteries into the battery
compartment. Make sure the plus and minus ends of
the batteries are facing as shown in the illustration.
■ Low Battery Indication
The following shows the amount of operating time that
can be expected under battery power.
Approximately 4 hours
• Using a high volume setting, low ambient
temperature, and certain performance styles can
shorten battery life.
• General guidelines concerning battery life are
provided above. Note that actual battery life depends
on the type of battery being used.
• Replace batteries at least once a year. In particular,
leaving dead rechargeable (eneloop, EVOLTA)
batteries loaded in the product creates the risk of
deterioration of the rechargeable batteries. Remove
batteries from TRACKFORMER as soon as possible
after they go dead.
• Be sure to turn off TRACKFORMER before replacing
• When replacing batteries, be sure to load a full set of
six new AA-size batteries, or a set of fully charged
AA-size rechargeable batteries (eneloop or
EVOLTA). Using batteries other than those specified
or mixing old and new batteries can greatly shorten
battery life and result in malfunction.
Low battery power is
indicated when the 12
buttons of the EFFECT/
AUTO LOOP area flash.
Replace batteries with new
ones as soon as possible.

Using USB Bus Power

While TRACKFORMER is connected to a computer
with a USB cable, it can be operated on the power
supplied over the cable.
• Incorrect connections can make normal operation
impossible. Connect TRACKFORMER to a computer
as described by the procedure below.
• Once you are able to connect successfully, you can
leave the USB cable connected when you turn off
your computer and/or TRACKFORMER.
• Use a USB 2.0 cable.
• TRACKFORMER does not charge rechargeable
batteries. (Use the specified charger for charging.)
Turn off TRACKFORMER and then start up
your computer.
Do not start up your computer's music software yet!
Use a commercially available high-speed
USB 2.0 cable to connect TRACKFORMER
to your computer.
USB cable
(A-B type)
A connector
Computer USB port
For information about how to connect with a computer,
see the separate Tutorial Manual.
Start up music software on your computer.
• Be sure to turn on TRACKFORMER before starting
up your computer's music software.
B connector

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Table of Contents

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