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Using Trackformer (Djay2 For Ipad/Iphone; Before Using Djay2 For Ipad/Iphone; Producing Sound - Casio Trackformer XW-DJI User Manual

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Using TRACKFORMER (djay2 for iPad/iPhone)

Before Using djay2 for iPad/
You can purchase algoriddim's djay2 for iPad/iPhone
from the App Store. If you already have djay2 for
iPad/iPhone, make sure it is the latest version and
update if necessary.
For the latest information about djay2 for iPad/iPhone,
visit the algoriddim website at the URL below.
• Also be sure to check the latest information about
system requirements provided at the above website.
• djay2 for iPad/iPhone is a product of algoriddim
GmbH. Please direct any questions and/or inquiries
concerning this software to algoriddim GmbH.

Producing Sound

For information about connecting an amp, speakers,
headphones or other external devices to
TRACKFORMER, see "Connection Examples" on
page EN-10.
For information about powering TRACKFORMER,
see "Power Requirements."
Use the Lightning/Mini Din
cable that comes with
TRACKFORMER to connect
it to an iPad or iPhone.
On TRACKFORMER, press the P (Power)
button to turn on power.
After the LEDs on TRACKFORMER finish their startup
routine, TRACKFORMER is ready for operation.
On your iPad or iPhone, start up the djay2 for
iPad/iPhone app.
djay2 for iPad/iPhone will automatically recognize
TRACKFORMER and the CASIO logo should appear
on the startup screen.
• If the CASIO logo does not appear on the startup
screen of djay2 for iPad/iPhone, make sure that
TRACKFORMER is turned on and that the Lightning/
Mini Din cable is connected correctly. Next, perform
this procedure again from step 1.
• If there are other apps running on the iPad/iPhone,
exit them and then restart djay2 for iPad/iPhone.
• If the CASIO logo still does not appear on the startup
screen, try restarting your iPad/iPhone and then
perform this procedure again from step 1.
Download track data to the left and right
decks on the djay2 for iPad/iPhone screen
and play it back.
Select a deck by touching either of the on-screen
buttons indicated by the fingers in the nearby
This will cause a menu of tracks and/or playlist to
appear over the deck whose button you touched
above. Touch the track name (or playlist and then
track name) of the track you want to play back.
Selecting a track will cause its artwork to appear on
the left and right decks. If a track does not include
any artwork, the image of a phonograph record will
be displayed.



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