User's Guide - Basic Operation Reference
Guía del usuario -
Referencia de operaciones básicas
Please keep all information for future reference.
Guarde toda información para tener como referencia futura.
Safety Precautions
Before trying to use the instrument, be sure to read the
"Safety Precautions" in this manual.
Precauciones de seguridad
Antes de utilizar este instrumento, asegúrese de leer las
"Precauciones de seguridad" de este manual.
● For the separate "User's Guide - Tutorial,"
visit the CASIO Website URL below.
● Para la "Guía del usuario - Tutorial" por separado,
visite el sitio web de CASIO en la siguiente URL.


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Summary of Contents for Casio Trackformer XW-DJI

  • Page 1 “Precauciones de seguridad” de este manual. ● For the separate “User’s Guide - Tutorial,” visit the CASIO Website URL below. ● Para la “Guía del usuario - Tutorial” por separado, visite el sitio web de CASIO en la siguiente URL. XWDJ1-ES-1A...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. Declaration of Conformity Model Number: XW-DJ1 Trade Name: CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. Responsible party: CASIO AMERICA, INC. Address: 570 MT. PLEASANT AVENUE, DOVER, NEW JERSEY 07801 Telephone number: 973-361-5400...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    United States and other countries. CASIO is prohibited under copyright laws. • Mac, Mac OS, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch are registered • IN NO EVENT SHALL CASIO BE LIABLE FOR trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the United States and other countries.
  • Page 4: General Guide

    For the separate “User’s Guide - Tutorial,” visit the others. Other steps you can take when playing late at CASIO Website URL below. night are closing windows and using headphones.
  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    General Guide Safety Precautions Thank you for selecting this CASIO product. Be sure to read these “Safety Precautions” before trying to use it. After reading this User’s Guide, keep it in a safe place for future reference. About safety symbols Various symbols are used in this User’s Guide and on the product itself to ensure safe use, and to protect you and...
  • Page 6 1. Turn off power. 2. If you are using the AC adaptor for power, unplug it from the wall outlet. 3. Contact your original dealer or authorized CASIO service center. Disassembly and Modification Never try to take this product apart or modify it in any way. Doing so creates the risk of electric shock, burn injury, or other personal injury.
  • Page 7 General Guide Caution! Batteries Misuse of batteries can cause them to leak, resulting in damage to nearby objects, or to explode, creating the risk of fire and personal injury. Be sure to observe the following points. • Use only batteries that are specified for this product. •...
  • Page 8: Part Names And Functions

    General Guide Part Names and Functions Controller: Description: P (Power) button Turns power on or off. EFFECT area Controls the EFFECT function. See “About FX (Effects)” for more information. AUTO LOOP area Controls the AUTO LOOP function. See “About AUTO LOOP” for more information. SCRATCH direction buttons Pressing the RIGHT SCRATCH button (4R) enables right-hand operation of the JOG (SHIFT button)
  • Page 9 General Guide [SHIFT] + BUTTON Description: [SHIFT] (4L or 4R) + FX [ ] (2: EFFECT area) DRIFT (INSTANT FX) [SHIFT] (4L or 4R) + FX (2: EFFECT area) SWAY (INSTANT FX) [SHIFT] (4L or 4R) + FX [ ] (2: EFFECT area) CRUSH (INSTANT FX) [SHIFT] (4L or 4R) + LOOP [1/2]...
  • Page 10 General Guide NOTE • CROSSFADER Operations TRACKFORMER can be configured and positioned to allow CROSSFADER (5R/5L) operations by either right- handed or left-handed DJs. RIGHT SCRATCH selected LEFT SCRATCH selected Left-hand fader operation Right-hand fader operation Right-hand JOG operation Left-hand JOG operation EN-8...
  • Page 11 General Guide Item: Description: USB port Connect with a computer’s USB port.* Connect to a USB2.0 or higher USB port. iOS device connection Connect the Mini Din plug of the included Lightning/Mini Din cable when using an terminal (Mini Din) iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch).
  • Page 12: Connection Examples

    General Guide Connection Examples IMPORTANT! • The Lightning/Mini Din cable takes priority over the USB cable. If they are both connected, the USB connection will not be recognized. NOTE • To protect your hearing when using headphones, make sure that you do not set the volume level too high. •...
  • Page 13: Power Requirements

    Power Requirements TRACKFORMER supports operation using one of IMPORTANT! three different power supplies: household electrical • Use only the AC adaptor (JEITA Standard, with power, batteries, or USB bus power from a computer. unified polarity plug) that comes with Be sure to turn off power whenever you are not using TRACKFORMER.
  • Page 14: Using Usb Bus Power

    Power Requirements • Remove the battery compartment cover located in Using USB Bus Power the center of TRACKFORMER’s bottom panel, and load six AA-size batteries into the battery While TRACKFORMER is connected to a computer compartment. Make sure the plus and minus ends of with a USB cable, it can be operated on the power the batteries are facing as shown in the illustration.
  • Page 15: Turning Power On Or Off

    Power Requirements Turning Power On or Off Charging an iOS Device, Built-in Speaker Operation Press Button 1 (P) to turn on power. IMPORTANT! • TRACKFORMER supports operation using one of To turn off power, press Button 1 three different power supplies. Note, however, that again.
  • Page 16: Using Trackformer (Djay2 For Ipad/Iphone

    For the latest information about djay2 for iPad/iPhone, visit the algoriddim website at the URL below. • If the CASIO logo still does not appear on the startup screen, try restarting your iPad/iPhone and then perform this procedure again from step 1.
  • Page 17: Flow For Outputting Audio

    Using TRACKFORMER (djay2 for iPad/iPhone) Use the TRACKFORMER [PLAY/PAUSE] Flow for Outputting Audio button to perform deck operations. Adjust the volume of the output using MASTER and/or The 4-channel audio output from djay2 for iPad/ iPhone is divided between the L and R channels of HEADPHONE.
  • Page 18: Basic Operation

    Using TRACKFORMER (djay2 for iPad/iPhone) Move the JOG platter that is specified as the Basic Operation B-size ([B] button ON) forward and back to check the scratch sound over the TRACKFORMER is a user interface intended mainly for scratch play. This section explains basic operations, headphones.
  • Page 19: About Auto Loop

    Using TRACKFORMER (djay2 for iPad/iPhone) Setting a CUE POINT About AUTO LOOP You can set a CUE POINT anywhere within a track by pressing one of the CUE POINT area buttons ([CUE 1], LOOP is a function that lets you repeat play back a [CUE 2], [CUE 3]).
  • Page 20: Reference

    Reference Troubleshooting Symptom Required Action Included Accessories I can’t find items in the package Carefully check inside all of the packing materials. that should be included. Power Power does not turn on. • Check the AC adaptor and/or make sure that the batteries are facing correctly. •...
  • Page 21: Product Specifications

    Weight Main unit: Approximately 1.1kg (2.4lbs) (excluding batteries) Environment Temperature: 0 to 40°C; Humidity: 10% to 90%RH • Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice. • Access the website below for the latest product news. EN-19...
  • Page 22 Reference AC Adaptor Handling Precautions Model: AD-A12150L 1. Read these instructions. 2. Keep these instructions on hand. 3. Heed all warnings. 4. Follow all instructions. 5. Do not use this product near water. 6. Clean only with a dry cloth. 7.
  • Page 23 This recycle mark indicates that the packaging conforms to the environmental protection legislation in Germany. Esta marca de reciclaje indica que el empaquetado se ajusta a la legislación de protección ambiental en Alemania. MA1411-A Printed in China...

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