KitchenAid 4KUIS185S Installation Instructions Manual

Automatic ice maker


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  • Page 2: Changing The Bin Door And Lower Panel

    THICKNESS FIGURE 2 THERMOSTAT CALIBRATIONS If ice maker is installed above two thousand feet of altitude, the bin and evaporator thermostats must be adjusted to a warmer setting. Disconnect electricity, remove thermostat and follow the directions for turning the altitude adjustment screw as shown in the label on each thermostat.
  • Page 3: General Information

    GENERAL INFORMATION . UNPACK OPEN BOTTOM FLAPS FIGURE 3 1 Lay carton on rear face and break open bottom flaps. 2 Set carton upright with all four flaps outward. See Figure 3. 3 Lift carton up and off of machine. 4 Remove all tape and packaging material from the outside and inside of the cabinet.
  • Page 4: For The Plumber

    When drain connection is not available a condensate lift the water to an available drain. 2 Install condensate pump on floor behind ice maker with discharge tube to the rear. Run drain bin directly into pump as shown in Figure 5A.
  • Page 5: For The Electrician

    SCREWS FOR THE ELECTRICIAN ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS A 115 Volt, 60 Hz, AC only, 15 Amp fused electrical sup- ply is required (time delay fuse or circuit breaker is recommended). It is recommended that a separate circuit, serving only this appliance, be provided.
  • Page 6: How It Works

    inspector), a temporary adaptor may be eleCtriCal plugged into the existing 2-prong wall receptacle to mate with the Bprong power supply cord. See HOWEVER, IS NOT RECOMMENDED. NOTE: If this is done, you must connect the grounding eyelet on the adapter to the wall receptacle cover plate screw and from this same screw, you must connect a separate copper ground wire (No.
  • Page 7: Things To Remember

    THINGS TO REMEMBER 0 Water enters only during the defrost cycle. Therefore the first cycle will be completed without water in the system. 0 As the room and water temperatures vary, so will the amount of ice produced. This means that higher operating temperatures will result in reduced ice production.
  • Page 8: Check Operation

    Check for desired cube thickness hours adjust if necessary. will be obtained with ice thickness at l/2” (12 mm) to 518” (16 mm). Replace grill. is a registered trademark of KitchenAid, KitchenAid Canada, Inc. Licensee KitchenAid Canada, Inc. Mississauga, Ont.

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