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What's In The Box; Getting Started; Connecting Your Sb1 - Polk Audio Omni SB1 Owner's Manual

Voice-optimizing wireless sound bar system
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Unpacking your SB1
Please unpack the components carefully, removing the subwoofer
first as indicated on the carton and then the sound bar.
We recommend saving all cartons and packing materials in case
you move, or should you need to ship your SB1.

What's in the Box

1. Sound bar
2. Subwoofer
3. 8' analog stereo cable (3.5mm)
4. 6' optical cable
5. Subwoofer power cable
6. Sound Bar power cables (6' power supply; 8' power cable)
7. Remote control (battery included)

Getting Started

Your Home Network
In general, Wi-Fi is the wireless streaming of data over a network.
Here, Wi-Fi audio is the streaming of music throughout a home
network by connecting multiple speakers and/or devices together.
The controller for the Polk Omni Collection is the Polk Omni App,
which sends music information to each DTS Play-Fi enabled
speaker or device.
System Requirements
It all begins by building a wireless home network, preferably one
with a high-speed Internet connection. Here's what you'll need to
connect your SB1 to your network:
• A Wireless Network connected to the internet with an 802.11g
router or better*.
• An Android device with version 2.2 operating system or newer
OR an iOS device with version 6.0 operating system or newer.
• The password for your wireless network (if required).
*Router type is usually listed on the router, itself. Please call the Polk Preferred
Services @ 1-800-638-7276 for further questions related to router type
For The Best DTS Play-Fi Experience
To ensure your system is operating under the best environment
possible, here are a few additional tips:
• For the fastest streaming performance, especially when
connecting to multiple speakers simultaneously, an 802.11n
router or better is recommended.
• Ensure the DTS Play-Fi device is within wireless reach of your
router, or that the signal is not hindered by concrete, brick, or
other dense walls. The quality of your connection can be
observed in the Polk Omni App by the Wireless Strength icon.
Hooking Up the SB1 to your TV
You likely have many sources for your audio signal: your TV, your
DVD player or a cable/satellite box. The bar is able to accept audio
from up to three different sources. The simplest approach is to
connect the optical audio output from your TV to the optical input
on the back of the SB1 bar. This connection will provide the highest
quality audio regardless of whether you are watching TV or DVD.
If your TV does not have an optical output, you can use the optical
output from your DVD player or your cable/satellite box to connect
directly to the optical input on the SB1 bar.

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