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Polk Audio Omni SB1 Owner's Manual page 4

Voice-optimizing wireless sound bar system
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Bar Controls
Power On/Off
Source Select
Voice Volume
Power, Source/Learn, Master Volume, Center Channel Volume,
Subwoofer Volume, Mute, Wi-Fi Pair/Connect. These settings
can also be adjusted using the included IR remote control; movie
and music listening modes are selected only from the remote control.
1. Power—Turns on the bar or puts it in standby mode.
2. Source/Learn—Puts the bar into "learning mode" so you
can program it to respond to commands from your TV's IR
remote control. Source/Learn also changes which input source
you are listening to.
Source 1: digital/optical
Source 2: analog
Source 3: Wi-Fi ( ): Wi-Fi
3. Master Volume Up and Down (+ /- )—Adjusts the volume
of the SB1 Sound Bar Sound bar.
4. Voice Volume Up and Down (+ /- )—Adjusts the volume
of the SB1 Sound Bar Sound bar center channel.
5. Bass Up and Down (+ /- )—Adjusts the volume of the
SB1 Sound Bar Sound bar subwoofer.
6. Mute—Mutes and unmutes the sound coming from
the sound bar.
7. WiFi – Pairs and connects with a WiFi enabled device
(See "Wi-Fi Setup" above).
Wi-Fi Setup
1. Power Switch—Turns the bar on or off, but you can leave it
on all the time.
2. Power Connection—The bar power supply connects here.
3. Audio Inputs (Source 1 Optical, 2 AUX, or 3 Wi-Fi)—
Where you connect your TV (or other sources) to the sound
bar. Source 3 (Wi-Fi) is a wireless connection. For "wired"
connections, use the 6' optical cable (Source 1) provided
or 1/8" analog cable (Source 2) provided.
4. Sub Out – Connect an additional subwoofer here.
5. SYNC—The SYNC button ensures the subwoofer and bar
are communicating.
Note: If the SB1 system ever loses power, the system will default
to "Standby" when power is restored.
Subwoofer Controls
1. Power Switch—Turns the wireless subwoofer on or off,
but you can leave it on all the time if you wish.
2. Power Connection—The subwoofer power cord
connects here.
The status light on the wirelesssubwoofer indicates
the following:
a. Green Steady—The bar and subwoofer are connected.
b. Green Slow Blinking—The subwoofer is searching
for the bar.
c. Green Fast Blinking—The subwoofer is in the process of
connecting with the bar.
a. Red Steady—The subwoofer is in standby mode.
b. Red Blinking—The subwoofer is in protection mode.
Your SB1 Sound Bar Sound bar has a dedicated center channel,
which you control from either the bar or the remote control.
By controlling the volume of the center channel, you can make
movie or television dialogue louder and more intelligible.

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