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Technical Assistance & Contact - Polk Audio Omni SB1 Owner's Manual

Voice-optimizing wireless sound bar system
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File Quality:
• Lossless file reproduction up to 16-bit/48kHz
(CD Quality) and proper file handling for full compatibility
with all high-resolution music up to 24bit/192k.
• Plays all format bitrates [kbps]. DTS Play-Fi transmits
high-resolution files, but it does down-sample them so that
they can be distributed throughout a home.
Software Updates
In the spirit of improving the performance and functionality of
your system, software updates will be required from time to time.
To download those updates, we highly encourage you to register
your Polk product during the setup process. On the home page
of the app, scroll down to "Preferred Services" and follow the
listed instructions.
Basic Troubleshooting
Under "Settings" on the Omni App home page, you will find a
category called Troubleshooting. This link will take you to the DTS
Play-Fi Knowledge Base Note
that quite often an issue can be traced back to router or network
performance. As always, for help answering any of your questions,
please call the Polk Preferred Services @ 1-800-638-7276.
Important Note: Router speeds and ranges that a manufacturer
lists are determined under ideal operating conditions. A router's
signal can be affected by walls and their construction materials.
Troubleshooting FAQs
The bar does not power on.
• Ensure you have plugged the power supply into a live
wall outlet.
• Ensure that all components of the power supply are
connected properly.
• Ensure the power supply is properly connected to the
bar power input.
No sound from the bar.
• Check that the TV or cable box is providing a signal.
• If necessary, check using an alternate source.
• Check that the bar is receiving power and is turned on.
• Turn up the volume of the bar.
• Check the input cables to make sure they are connected securely.
• Turn up the volume of your television or cable box.
• Check mute status: Is the bar status light slowly blinking green?
If so, press the Mute button on the bar.
The sound coming from the bar is distorted.
• Try turning down the volume of your audio source, if possible.
• Audio processing—there may be audio processing occurring
prior to reaching the bar. Disable this processing.
The included remote control won't work.
• Ensure the battery's protective plastic tab has been removed.
• Replace the battery (CR2025). The bar won't learn my remote
control commands.
• Carefully follow the programming instructions on the previous
page of this manual.
• Hold the remote steady and 1-2 feet from the front of the bar.
• Quickly "tap" the button on your existing remote until the status
LED blinks green.
Note: The bar learns almost all IR commands,
but some IR protocols cannot be programmed.
The volume of my television speakers gets louder than my
Sound bar system over time.
• Turn off your TV speakers per the instructions on page 4 of
this manual.
• When the remote control volume button is held down, your
television may change volume levels faster than the bar.
Use the buttons on the bar to adjust the volume of the bar to
the correct balance with the TV speakers.
Technical Assistance
Thank you for your Polk purchase. If you have a question or
comment, please feel free to call us or email us. In North America,
call Polk Customer Service 800-377-7655 (M-F, 9:00 AM-5:30 PM
EST) or via email Outside the US, call
Contact Us Directly
5601 Metro Drive Baltimore, MD 21215
800-377-7655 |

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