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Remote Control - Polk Audio Omni SB1 Owner's Manual

Voice-optimizing wireless sound bar system
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Remote Control

IR Remote Learning
Set Up Your TV's IR Remote Control For SmartBar™ Learning
Note: For your sound bar to respond to your remote control, you
MUST FIRST program the bar to respond to your television's original
IR (Infra-Red) remote. An RF (Radio Frequency) remote will not work.
Other remotes (cable, satellite) will work only after you have
programmed the bar to respond to the TV's IR remote.
Programming Instructions:
Your sound bar is currently programmed to respond to the remote
control that is included with the product. However, we strongly
recommend programming the sound bar to also respond to your
existing remote control using the steps illustrated below. This will
enable you to operate all of your components using a single remote
control. While programming the sound bar, ignore anything that may
be displayed on the TV screen.
Example: To teach your bar the "Volume Up" command of your
remote control.
1. The Sound Bar is turned on and the LED is dim red, and
you have sound coming from the bar.
2. Press and hold the "SOURCE/LEARN" button (on either
the bar or the included remote) for 5 seconds. LEDs 3, 5,
7, 9, 11 pulse.
3. Press and release "Volume Up" button on the SB1's
included remote.
4. Hold your TV's remote 6" - 1' from the sound bar.
5. Press the "Volume Up" button on your TV's IR remote
control once.
6. LEARN LEDs 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 turn solid; the command
has been learned. Two chimes confirm the command has
been learned.
Repeat steps 1-6 to program "Volume Down"( – ), Source, Mute
and Power buttons.
Power— Turns on the bar or puts it in
standby mode.
Mute— Mutes and unmutes the sound
coming from the sound bar.
Source 1, 2, WiFI — Changes which
input source you are listening to.
Master Volume Up and Down ( + / – )
Adjusts the master volume of the system.
Center Volume Up and Down ( + / – )
Adjusts the volume of the center channel.
SUB Volume Up and Down ( + / – )
Adjusts the volume of the subwoofer.
Movie/Music Select—Tailors the audio
for either movies or music.
Important note to save your tv's ir remote commands:
After you've programmed all of the commands on your TV's remote
control, press and hold the "Source/Learn" button for 5 seconds.
This saves all of the commands.
Note: If your bar fails to learn certain IR remote codes, the
power LED will blink red three times. Try erasing any previously
programmed codes (see below) and carefully repeat steps
1-6 above.
Code Erasing Procedure:
If you have programmed your Sound bar to respond to a remote
control and you no longer want it to do so, erase the codes by
pressing the "Source/Learn" button for 10 seconds. Previously
learned codes have been successfully erased when the POWER
LED flashes green ten times.
Note: This procedure removes ALL of your bar's remote control
programming. If you only need to change the programming for
some of the bar buttons, follow the six steps in the sequence
previously described to redo any previous programming.
The Sound bar will continue to respond to the provided credit
card remote control.
Connecting Your SB1
Wi-Fi Setup
1. To ensure the easiest setup, place your SB1 near your
internet-connected wireless router. Note, when setup is
complete, you can move your device anywhere you want to.
2. Connect the included power cable to the SB1 and a power
outlet. The device will power on automatically.
3. The white light on the back will blink quickly for about
20 seconds, after which it will begin to pulse slowly.
4. The slowly pulsing light means your device is ready to
connect to your Wi-Fi network.
not pulsing slowly, Press and hold the Wi-Fi setup button
(for 8 seconds), until you hear the second tone.
5. Download the Polk Omni App from the Apple App Store or
Google Play Store.
6. Launch the app and follow the instructions.
Note: to enable Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) mode with
a WPS compatible router, press and hold the Wi-Fi button
on the SB1 for 4 seconds or until the first beep. Now push
the WPS button on your wireless router. The SB1 will
automatically connect to your network without the need
to enter your password.
Note: if the Wi-Fi LED is
Utility App

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