Classic; Operating Instructions; Attach The Separator Cup - NutriMill Classic Owner's Manual & User Manual

Fresh flour mill multi-grain grinder
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1. Attach the Separator Cup -

Must be attached when
Align handle on cup with the handle guide on the bowl lid and snap
securely into place. This cup collects the fi nest fl our. Flour in the cup
is useable. After milling either empty the separator cup and add to the
fl our in the bowl or save and use as pastry fl our.
2. Insert air fi lter into place on top of bowl lid -
Must be in place
when milling.
Clean fi lter and cavity it fi ts into after each milling
session. Filter can be cleaned by tapping out fl our that has
collected. Be sure there is no fl our in fi lter if you wish to wash it.
NOTE: Make sure the fi lter is thoroughly dry before using.
3. Attach bowl lid to top of fl our bowl. Lids twists to lock into
place. Bowl lid has a durable rubber gasket that creates a seal
and prevents fl our leakage. Gasket will have a tight grip, this also
happens sometimes during regular use. For tight gaskets, we suggest lubricating the
gasket by rubbing on either fl our, cornstarch or non-stick cooking spray. NOTE: Never
spray directly on the gasket. Spray only a little on a rag or paper towel and wipe on
gasket. You will periodically need to reapply one of the above lubricants, especially after
4. Lock on hopper extension ring - (not necessary to use when milling small amounts)
The hopper extension ring comes packed in the fl our bowl and
should be removed when
milling. Extension ring has 3 locking tabs to secure it to the mill. It is
best to insert/
remove the tabs one at a time. To attach: With mill facing you, insert tab at the front
right then move clockwise and insert the next two tabs. To remove: With mill facing you
begin with front right tab and move counterclockwise to remove
next two tabs.
5. Fill with grain.
See the 'grain to fl our' ratio guide on the next page to help you
understand how much grain you should start with.
6. Plug in machine and turn on by turning lower knob.
NOTE: It is not necessary to start the motor before adding grain.
Always start the mill on high speed. Never turn the knobs directly
to the far right. Always allow your mill to run for 15 seconds before
adjusting knob to coarsest setting. You may also stop the milling
mid cycle if necessary.
7. Put on lid and let run.
The NutriMill is designed to operate with the lid on for quieter milling.
8. When milling is complete, let mill run for 5 seconds. This eliminates any fl our left
in the self-cleaning milling chamber. Tapping the bowl lid a few times after milling will
help settle the fl our in the bowl and release fl our from the bottom of the lid. Unplug the
machine and wipe or brush away any fl our residue from the mill.
We recommend hand-washing the plastic bowl and lid. High-heat dishwashers can warp
the plastics. The gasket on the bowl lid will need to be relubricated after washing.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents