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Summary of Contents for NutriMill CLASSIC

  • Page 1 CLASSIC Owner's Manual...
  • Page 2 It can be removed with a twist to separate sections for storage, cleaning, or for use with the NutriMill Classic optional Flour Bagger accessory. *Inlet grommet and filter should be replaced every 2 years or as needed.
  • Page 3 Thanks for choosing this well crafted high speed flour mill. We know you will enjoy it for years to come. After all, it is a NutriMill ® Welcome to the NutriMill Family.
  • Page 4: Important Safeguards

    • Do not clean by inserting pointed objects into milling chamber or using running water. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS NUTRIMILL CLASSIC SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ® • Always be sure the separator cup is properly attached before milling. • Always be sure the air filter is in place before milling.
  • Page 5 THE FIRST TIME YOU USE YOUR NUTRIMILL CLASSIC ® Take the hopper extension ring out of the flour bowl. Mill at least 2 cups of wheat or rice, then discard the flour and clean the bowl. This will eliminate any contaminates the mill may have obtained in the manufacturing process.
  • Page 6 • Larger legumes will mill slowly, while small grains like wheat or millet will mill quickly. Rice tends to mill more slowly as well. NOTE: At the very finest setting (the point where grain first begins to flow), the flow may fluctuate.
  • Page 7 5. Fill hopper with grain and replace lid. See the ‘Grain to Flour’ Ratio Guide to learn how much grain should be added. The NutriMill is designed to operate with the lid on for quieter milling. 6. Plug in machine and turn on lower knob.
  • Page 8 • WHEAT - Wheat contains the highest gluten of any grain. Gluten provides the elasticity in dough, causing the bread to rise. • WHOLE OAT GROATS - A versatile grain that can be used in cereal, cookies, breads, pancakes and waffles. (NOTE: rolled oats will NOT feed into the NutriMill ® Classic.
  • Page 9 THE NUTRIMILL CLASSIC WILL MILL THE FOLLOWING: ® GLUTEN-FREE GLUTEN-FREE GRAINS GRAINS BEANS & PEAS • Popcorn CONTAINING GLUTEN • Lentils • Blue Corn • Kamut • Chickpeas • Oat Groats • Hard Wheat (Garbanzo Beans) • White Rice • Soft Wheat •...
  • Page 10: Warranty Information

    ® L’Chef, LLC warrants the NutriMill Classic mill to be free of manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years for parts and plastics and limited lifetime on motor and milling heads. Defective product will be repaired or replaced with a comparable model at our sole discretion upon receiving the defective product.
  • Page 12 V15.11...