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Coffee Grinder Operating Instructions - KitchenAid 2633 Instructions Manual

Blade coffee grinder
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Blade Coffee Grinder Operating Instructions
Before First Use
1. Wash bowl and top cover in hot,
soapy water. Rinse and dry. Handle
the blade carefully. Bowl and top
cover can also be washed in the
dishwasher (top rack only).
Blade Coffee Grinder Use
1. Be sure the coffee grinder is
unplugged. Make sure inside of
top cover is free of coffee grinds
or residue.
2. Secure the bowl
to the motor
housing by
placing the bowl
on top and
turning clockwise
to lock in place.
3. Place whole
coffee beans in
the bowl to be processed.
Fill the bowl to no more than
the Maximum Fill line marked
on the inside of the bowl as
recommended by KitchenAid.
Various bean blends and bean
sizes can cause differences in
fill levels/grind times. Generic
markings inside the bowl will
help you adjust the amount of
grounds to your liking.
4. Position Top Cover over bowl so
that it slides over the side guides
on the motor housing.
NOTE: Make sure both cover and
bowl are in position, otherwise the
coffee grinder will not operate.
5. Plug power cord into electrical
6. Press down Top
Cover to start
(For optimum
grinding results,
do not pulse top
cover.) Continue
grinding until all
the beans are
ground to the consistency you
want, or follow Suggested Grinding
Chart for automatic drip coffee
makers and french press machines
(page 11). NOTE: Do not operate
the grinder for longer than 25
7. To stop processing, release
pressure on Top
8. Unplug the
9. Wait until the
blade has
stopped rotating
and remove Top
10.Unlock bowl
by turning it
Remove bowl
from the motor
11. Pour out ground



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