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Customising Settings; Settings Mode X; Altering The Brightness Of The Display - Miele F 12016 S-2 Operating And Installation Instructions

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Settings mode X

Certain settings on the appliance can
be changed using Settings mode.
The brightness of the display
can be altered
The lock can be activated or
Settings mode is represented in the
display by the Menu symbol X. The
following section describes how to
access Settings mode and alter

Customising settings

Altering the brightness of the display

The display brightness can be adjusted
to suit the lighting conditions of the
You can select one of the five display
brightness settings from ^1 to ^5. The
factory default setting is ^1 or ^3
(depending on model).
^ Press the Super freeze button for
approx. five seconds.
The Menu symbol X will light up and
c will start flashing in the display.
Settings mode is now activated.
^ Press the temperature selector button
to call up the Brightness function.
The Menu symbol X will light up and
^ will flash in the display.
^ Press the Super freeze button briefly
to confirm this.
The display brightness setting last
selected will appear in the display.


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