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Ventilation; Appliances With Wall Spacers Supplied; Installation; Aligning The Appliance - Miele F 12016 S-2 Operating And Installation Instructions

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Air at the back of the appliance gets
warm. To ensure sufficient ventilation,
the ventilation gaps must not be
covered or blocked in any way. They
should be dusted on a regular basis.
Appliances with wall spacers
Fitting the wall spacers supplied
onto the back of the appliance
assists in attaining lower energy
consumption. Appliance depth
without the wall spacers fitted is
reduced by 35 mm. If the wall
spacers are not used, this does not
influence the functionality of the
appliance. Energy consumption is
only minimally increased if there is
little distance between the appliance
and the wall.
^ Fit the wall spacers onto the back of
the appliance on the top left and
Two people are required to install
the appliance. Only move the
appliance when it is empty.
^ Do not remove the following from the
back of the appliance:
– Depending on model, the bags
located between the back of the
appliance and the metal grille (heat
exchanger). They are important for
the correct functioning of the
appliance. The contents are
harmless and do not contain toxic
^ Remove the cable clip from the back
of the appliance.
^ Check that all parts at the back of the
appliance are unhindered. Carefully
remove any hindrance.
^ Carefully push the appliance into
^ Position the appliance with the wall
spacers (if used) or the back close to
the wall.

Aligning the appliance

^ To align the appliance, adjust the feet
using a suitable spanner.


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