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Building In The Appliance - Miele F 12016 S-2 Operating And Installation Instructions

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Building in the appliance

* For appliances supplied without wall
spacers or without the wall spacers
fitted, this measurement is reduced by
35 mm.
a Top box
b Appliance
c Housing unit
d Wall
The appliance can be installed in a
kitchen run. To match the height of the
rest of the kitchen, the appliance can
be fitted with a suitable top box a.
– A ventilation gap of at least 50 mm
depth must be allowed for behind the
appliance for air to circulate.
– The ventilation cross-section of the
air outlet below the ceiling must be at
least 300 cm
circulate without hinderance.
The compressor will operate more
economically, the larger the ventilation
cross-section. Otherwise the appliance
has to work longer and harder, resulting
in an increase in electricity
consumption and also an increase in
the operating temperature of the
compressor, which can result in
damage to the compressor.
The ventilation gaps must not be
covered or blocked in any way.
They should be dusted on a regular
When built into a kitchen run (max.
depth 580 mm) the appliance can be
installed directly next to a kitchen
furniture housing unit. The appliance
door will protrude in front of furniture
fronts at the sides by 69 mm* and by
90 mm* in the middle of the door. This
enables the door to be opened and
shut without being obstructed.
When installed next to a wall d a
distance of approx. 50 mm must be
maintained on the hinge side between
the wall d and the appliance b, so
that the door and the handle have
sufficient space for opening.
to ensure that air can


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