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The Correct Temperature; Setting The Temperature - Miele F 12016 S-2 Operating And Installation Instructions

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The correct temperature

It is very important to set the correct
temperature for storing food in the
appliance. Micro-organisms will cause
food which is not stored at the correct
temperature to deteriorate rapidly.
Temperature influences the growth rate
of these micro-organisms. Reducing
the temperature reduces their growth
To freeze fresh food and to store frozen
food for a long time, a temperature of
-18 °C is required. At this temperature
the growth of micro-organisms is
generally halted. As soon as the
temperature rises above -10 °C, the
micro-organisms become active in the
food again so that it cannot be kept as
long. For this reason, partially defrosted
or defrosted food must not be re-frozen.
Food may be re-frozen once it has
been cooked, as the high temperatures
achieved when cooking destroy most
The temperature in the appliance will
– the more often the door is opened
and the longer it is kept open,
– if too much food is stored in it at
– if too much fresh food is being frozen
at once,
– the higher the ambient temperature
surrounding the appliance.
The appliance is designed for use in
specific ambient temperatures
(climate ranges). Do not use in
ambient temperatures for which it is
not designed.

Setting the temperature

^ Press the temperature selector button
repeatedly until the temperature you
want lights up in the display.
The first time you press the button the
indicator light for the last temperature
you set will flash in the display.
The temperature value will change up
until the setting for -28 °C is reached. It
will then drop back to the -14 °C
Approx. 5 seconds after the last press
on the button, the current actual
temperature of the freezer is
automatically shown.
If you have adjusted the temperature,
wait for approx. 6 hours if the
appliance is not very full and for
approx. 24 hours if the appliance is
full before checking the temperature
display as it will take this long for the
display to give an accurate reading. If,
after this time, the temperature is still
too high or too low, you will need to
adjust it again.


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