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Ramps, Slopes Or Hills - GENDRON REGENCY XLC 7700 Owner's Manual

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6.5 Avoid putting weight on the footrests as this may cause the chair to tip.
Armrests must be moved out of the way.
6.6 Transferring as far back in the seat surface as possible will reduce the risk that
the chair will tip or move.


Driving on a slope, ramp or hill will change the center of balance of your chair. Your
chair is less stable when it is at an angle. Anti-tip tubes may not prevent a fall or tip
over. Use extreme caution when going up or down ramps, slopes, or hills.
7.1 Do not use your chair on a slope grade steeper than 10%. (A 10% slope grade
means one foot in elevation for every ten feet of slope length. See page 34.)
7.2 Always go as straight up and as straight down as you can. (Do not "cut the
corner" on a ramp, slope, or hill.)
7.3 Do not turn or change direction on a ramp, slope, or hill.
7.4 Always stay in the CENTER of a ramp. Make sure ramp is wide enough to avoid
the risk of a fall or tip over.
7.5 Do not stop on a incline. If you attempt to stop, you may lose control of your
7.6 NEVER attempt to climb inclines covered with water, ice, an oil film, or other
foreign objects. Unexpected loss of control may occur, resulting in personal
injury or equipment damage.
7.7 To Reduce The Risk Of A Fall Or Tip Over:
a. Do not operate your chair on wet or slippery surfaces.
b. Beware of a change in grade on an incline (or a lip, bump or depression).
These may cause a fall or tip over.
c. Watch for a drop-off at the bottom of a slope or hill. A drop-off as small as ¾
inch can stop a front caster and cause the chair to tip forward.
d. Lean your body UPHILL. This will help adjust for the change in the center of
balance caused by the slope or hill.
e. If you go too fast, on a down slope or hill you may lose control.


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