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Tips For Using Your Control System; Driving - General; Driving Technique; Precautions For Use - GENDRON REGENCY XLC 7700 Owner's Manual

Regency power.
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even if you release the joystick and push it again. The battery gauge will then flash
rapidly. You can reset this condition by switching the control system off and on again.
If you do not push the joystick as you switch the wheelchair on and the battery gauge
flashes rapidly, then there may be a fault. Refer to chapter 4 section 8.4 for details.

5.0 Tips for Using Your Control system

5.1 Driving - General

Make sure that the control system is mounted securely and that the joystick
position is correct. The hand or limb you use to operate the joystick should be
supported. Do not use the joystick as the sole support for your hand or limb -
wheelchair movements and bumps could upset your control.

5.2 Driving Technique

The control system interprets your joystick movements and produces
appropriate movements of your wheelchair. You will need very little
concentration to control the wheelchair, which is especially useful if you are
inexperienced. One popular technique is to simply point the joystick in the
direction you want to go. The wheelchair will "home-in" on the direction you push
the joystick.
The further you push the joystick away from the rest position, the faster the
wheelchair will go.
The intelligent speed control system minimizes the effects of slopes and different
types of terrain.

6.0 Precautions for Use

Note: In the event of the wheelchair moving in an unexpected way, release the
joystick. This action will stop the wheelchair under any circumstances.

6.1 Hazards

Do not drive the wheelchair:
i) beyond restrictions indicated in this user manual, for example maximum
inclines, curb height etc.
ii) in places or on surfaces where a loss of wheel grip could be hazardous, for
example on wet grassy slopes.
if you know that the control system or other crucial components require


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