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GENDRON REGENCY XLC 7700 Owner's Manual

Regency power.
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All Gendron Products are manufactured in the U.S.A.
Form No. 7700 Manual (12/14)
Owner's Manual
MODEL: 7700
520 W. MULBERRY ST. i i i i BRYAN, OH 43506
1-800-537-2521i i i i FAX (419) 636-9261
© Gendron 2000


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 DATE OF PURCHASE: REGENCY XLC by GENDRON 520 W. MULBERRY ST. i i i i BRYAN, OH 43506 1-800-537-2521i i i i FAX (419) 636-9261 All Gendron Products are manufactured in the U.S.A. Form No. 7700 Manual (12/14) © Gendron 2000...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER 1: DESCRIPTION OF POWER WHEELCHAIR Introduction CHAPTER 2: GENERAL WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS Weight Limit To Reduce the Risk of an Accident Reaching or Leaning Center of Balance Environmental Conditions Transfers Ramps, Slopes or Hills Obstacles Terrain 10.0 Curbs, Steps, Stairs or Escalators 11.0 Street Use 12.0 Motor Vehicle Safety...
  • Page 3 CHAPTER 3: SETUP Battery Selection Battery Connection Power Module Armrest Front Riggings CHAPTER 4: OPERATION Introduction General 2.1 Handling 2.2 Operating Conditions Controls 3.1 On/Off Switch and Battery Gauge 3.2 Joystick 3.3 Maximum Speed Indicator 3.4 Mode Switch 3.4.1 Speed Adjustment Mode 3.5 Horn Switch Getting Ready to Drive Tips for Using Your Control System...
  • Page 4 8.5 Self-Help Guide Battery Gauge 9.1 How to Read a TruCharge Battery Gauge 10.0 Battery Charging 11.0 Control Adjustment 12.0 Manual Operation 13.0 Servicing CHAPTER 5: MAINTENANCE & TROUBLE SHOOTING Introduction Maintenance Tips 2.1 Monthly Checks 2.2 Tires 2.3 8” Casters 2.4 13”...
  • Page 5: Introduction

    CHAPTER 1: DESCRIPTION OF POWER WHEELCHAIR 1.0 Introduction The Gendron Regency Power Wheelchair is a medium to heavy duty, rear wheel drive power wheelchair. This device provides a means of mobility for users with a body mass up to 364 kg. (800 lbs.) combined weight of patient and driver The Regency Power Wheelchair consists of a seat &...
  • Page 6: Chapter 2: General Warnings And Precautions

    CHAPTER 2: GENERAL WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS WARNINGS Heed all warnings in this section. If you fail to do so, a fall, tip over or loss of control may occur and cause severe injury to the user or others. 1.0 WEIGHT LIMIT NEVER exceed the weight limit of 364 kg.
  • Page 7: Environmental Conditions

    WARNINGS 4.1 THE CENTER OF BALANCE IS AFFECTED BY: a. A change in the seat height of your chair by adding a seat cushion. b. Changes in your body position, posture or weight distribution. c. Driving your chair on a ramp or slope. d.
  • Page 8: Ramps, Slopes Or Hills

    WARNINGS 6.5 Avoid putting weight on the footrests as this may cause the chair to tip. Armrests must be moved out of the way. 6.6 Transferring as far back in the seat surface as possible will reduce the risk that the chair will tip or move.
  • Page 9: Obstacles

    WARNINGS f. NEVER go down a slope or hill backwards. A fast stop in reverse may also lift the front wheels. 8.0 Obstacles Obstacles and road hazards (such as potholes and broken pavement) can damage your chair and may cause a fall, tip over or loss of control. To avoid these risks: 8.1 Keep a lookout for danger –...
  • Page 10: Motor Vehicle Safety

    Many of the screws, bolts and nuts on this chair are special high-strength fasteners. Use of improper fasteners may cause your chair to fail. 15.1 ONLY use fasteners provided by an authorized Gendron dealer. 15.2 Over or under-tightened fasteners may fail or cause damage to chair parts.
  • Page 11: Modified Seat Systems

    16.4 Heel loops are available for assisting in keeping feet from slipping off footplates. 17.0 MODIFIED SEAT SYSTEMS Use of a seat system not approved by Gendron may alter the center of balance of this chair. This may cause the chair to tip over.
  • Page 12: Electromagnetic Interference

    WARNINGS 19.2 The belts must be snug, but must not be so tight that they interfere with breathing. You should be able to slide your open hand, flat, between the belt and the user. 19.3 A pelvic wedge or a similar device can help keep the user from sliding down in the seat.
  • Page 13: Electric Parking Brakes

    WARNINGS Gendron knows of no incidents of EMI with a Regency Power Wheelchair. However, if you believe you have experienced an unintended motion of your power wheelchair you should report the incident immediately to Gendron Customer Service at 1-800-537-2521. 21.0 ELECTRIC PARKING BRAKES 21.1 When parking brakes are disengaged, there is absolutely no braking.
  • Page 14: Chapter 3: Setup

    CHAPTER 3: SET UP 1.0 BATTERY SELECTION Batteries are not included as standard equipment with the chair. Purchase batteries locally through your dealer. Use only “Deep Cycle” Gel-Cell batteries as specified in the back of this manual. 2.0 BATTERY CONNECTION 2.1 After you have selected your batteries, connect your battery cables, as shown below: GREEN...
  • Page 15: Power Module

    3.0 POWER MODULE 3.1 Connect motors and communications cables as shown below: Figure 2. Power Module Connection Diagram...
  • Page 16: Armrest

    4.0 ARMREST Release Knob Figure 3. Height Adjustable Armrest Assembly 5.0 Front Riggings WARNING - Do not stand on footplates when entering or exiting the chair; fold footplates in an upright position, slide to the side. 5.1 All footrests and elevating legrests are length adjustable. A simple through- bolt provides quick and easy adjustments.
  • Page 17: Chapter 4: Operation

    CHAPTER 4: OPERATION 1.0 Introduction The operation of the Pilot+ wheelchair control system is simple and easy to understand. The control system incorporates state-of-the-art electronics, the result of many years of research, to provide you with ease of use and a very high level of safety.
  • Page 18: Handling

    2.1 Handling Avoid bumping your joystick control system. Be careful not to strike obstacles with the joystick control system when you drive. Never drop the joystick control system. When transporting your wheelchair, make sure that the joystick control system is well protected.
  • Page 19: Joystick

    Figure 2 Joystick Module Details Joystick Module without Lighting Controls 3.2 Joystick The joystick controls the speed and direction of the wheelchair. The further you push the joystick from the center position, the faster the wheelchair will move. When you release the joystick, the brakes are automatically applied.
  • Page 20: Maximum Speed Indicator

    3.3 Maximum Speed Indicator This is a gauge that shows the maximum speed setting of the wheelchair. There are five speed settings - step 1 is the lowest speed and step 5 is the highest speed. For details of how to change the maximum speed setting, see section 3.4 below.
  • Page 21: Speed Adjustment Mode

    If the mode switch is pressed when the joystick is centered, the control system operation mode will be changed. There are three modes - drive, speed adjustment and actuator adjustment. The diagram below explains this action. Figure 4. Operation of Mode Switch With Joystick Centered 3.4.1 Speed Adjustment Mode When the control system is in this mode, the maximum speed indicator will flash.
  • Page 22: Tips For Using Your Control System

    even if you release the joystick and push it again. The battery gauge will then flash rapidly. You can reset this condition by switching the control system off and on again. If you do not push the joystick as you switch the wheelchair on and the battery gauge flashes rapidly, then there may be a fault.
  • Page 23: Safety Checks

    (for safety reasons) stop the chair instantaneously. It is recommended by Gendron that a seat belt be purchased and used at all times when the wheelchair is in motion. Gendron, Inc. accepts no liability for losses of any kind arising from the unexpected stopping of the wheelchair, or arising from the improper use of the wheelchair or control system.
  • Page 24: Servicing

    v) Repeat the test three more times, pushing the joystick slowly backwards, left and right. Cables & Connectors: Check the condition of all cables and connectors for damage. Make sure that all connectors are securely mated. The communication cable from joystick to controller has “push pull” connectors with tabs for proper engagement.
  • Page 25: Self-help Guide

    i) Switch off the control system. ii) Make sure that all connectors on the wheelchair and the control system are mated securely. iii) Check the condition of the battery. If you can't find the problem, try using the self-help guide given in chapter 4 section 8.5. 8.5 Self-Help Guide If a fault occurs, you can find out what has happened by counting the number of bars that are flashing on the battery gauge.
  • Page 26: Battery Gauge

    10 bars: An excessive voltage has been applied to the control system. This is usually caused by a poor battery connection. Check the battery and Power Module connections. Switch on the control system again and try to drive the wheelchair. If the safety circuits operate again, switch off and do not try to use the wheelchair.
  • Page 27: Battery Charging

    Gendron dealer with in-depth knowledge of the electronic control systems. Incorrect adjustments could result in an unsafe set-up of a wheelchair for a user. Gendron, Inc. accepts no liability for losses of any kind if the adjustments of the control...
  • Page 28: Manual Operation

    12.0 Manual Operation Make certain power is turned OFF at the joystick. The parking brakes on your power chair can be disengaged so your power chair can be pushed manually. To disengage the brakes, rotate the levers on both drive units to disengage position as shown in Figure 7 below.
  • Page 29: Chapter 5: Maintenance & Trouble Shooting

    2.1 Monthly Checks-All nuts, bolts, screws, rivets, tires, wheels and upholstery should be checked each month for wear. If the end user is unable to perform the required inspection, return the unit to a qualified Gendron dealer for proper maintenance.
  • Page 30: 13" Rear Drive Wheel

    2.4 13” Rear Drive Wheels-Secure self locking cap screw by tightening to 375 + 10 in. lb. with a torque wrench. Check screws at least once a month. Replace self locking screw with Gendron part number P42713 after each removal. Do not reuse. The tires are foam-filled. Do not attempt to inflate with air.
  • Page 31: Battery Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE CHART Check: Weekly 3 months 6 months Brakes All fasteners for wear and tightness Armrests Axles & Axle Bolts Wheels & Tires Casters Anti-tip Wheels Frame Upholstery Lubricate Gearbox Recommended Lubricant: “Chevron Black Pearl Grease” Service by Authorized Gendron Supplier...
  • Page 32: Storage Tips

    Charge batteries for 12 hours: If, after charging, the above checks appear to be satisfactory but the problem still exists with operation, contact your Gendron dealer.
  • Page 33: Chapter 6: Ramp Design

    CHAPTER 6: RAMP DESIGN 1.0 Ramps At Work For your safety, ramps at work must meet all legal requirements for your area. We recommend: 1.1 Width. At least four feet wide. 1.2 Guardrails. To reduce the risk of a fall, sides of ramp must have raised borders or guardrails at least three inches high.
  • Page 34: Features And Specifications

    FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL DATA Ball bearings 8” x 2” Caster Wheel Sealed lubrication 13” Drive Wheel (Foam-Filled) 5 Amp automatic battery charger – UL Approved MOTOR/DRIVE MODULE Voltage: 24 V. DC operating range 18-30 V. DC Style: 4 pole, brush type, permanent magnet Speed Forward: 4.0 MPH Maximum Speed Reverse:...
  • Page 35: Limited Warranty

    The customer will be billed for the replacement unit until the defective unit is returned, at which time credit will be issued. Gendron will pay UPS ground service only to ship the component to the customer. Misuse, negligence, or accident to the Regency Power Wheelchair is not covered in this warranty.

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