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Servicing; Status Indication; Battery Gauge Steady; Battery Gauge Flashes Slowly - GENDRON REGENCY XLC 7700 Owner's Manual

Regency power.
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v) Repeat the test three more times, pushing the joystick slowly backwards,
left and right.
Cables & Connectors: Check the condition of all cables and connectors for
damage. Make sure that all connectors are securely mated. The communication
cable from joystick to controller has "push pull" connectors with tabs for proper
engagement. Do not twist!
Joystick gaiter: Check the thin rubber gaiter or boot, around the base of the
joystick shaft, for damage or splitting. Check visually only; do not handle the
Mounting: Make sure that all the components of the control system are securely
mounted. Do not overtighten any securing screws.
If the control system fails any of these checks, do not use the wheelchair and
contact your service agent.

7.3 Servicing

To ensure continued satisfactory service, we suggest you have your wheelchair
and control system inspected by your service agent after a period of 3 months
from commencement of service. Contact your service agent for details when the
inspection is due.

8.0 Status Indication

The battery gauge will indicate the status of the control system.

8.1 Battery Gauge Steady

This indicates that all is well.

8.2 Battery Gauge Flashes Slowly

The control system is functioning correctly, but you should charge the battery as
soon as possible.

8.3 Battery Gauge Blinks Once Every 2.5 Seconds

The control system has "gone to sleep" because the joystick has not been
operated for a period of time. To re-start, switch the system off and on again.
8.4 Battery Gauge Flashes Rapidly (even with the joystick released)
The control system safety circuits have operated and the control system has
been prevented from moving the wheelchair.
This indicates that there is a fault. Please follow this procedure:


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