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Battery Gauge; How To Read A Trucharge Battery Gauge - GENDRON REGENCY XLC 7700 Owner's Manual

Regency power.
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10 bars: An excessive voltage has been applied to the control system.
This is usually caused by a poor battery connection. Check the battery
and Power Module connections.
Switch on the control system again and try to drive the wheelchair. If the safety
circuits operate again, switch off and do not try to use the wheelchair. Contact
your service agent.

9.0 Battery Gauge

The battery gauge is included to let you know how much charge is left in your
batteries. The best way for you to use the gauge is to learn how it behaves as you
drive the wheelchair. Like the fuel gauge in a car, it is not completely accurate, but it
will help you avoid running out of "fuel".
The battery gauge works in the following way:
When you switch on the control system, the battery gauge shows an estimate of the
remaining battery charge.
The battery gauge gives you a more accurate reading about a minute after you start
driving the wheelchair.
Note: When you replace worn out batteries, fit the type recommended in this manual.
If you use another type, the battery gauge may be inaccurate.
The amount of charge in your batteries depends on a number of factors, including the
way you use your wheelchair, the temperature of the batteries, their age and the way
they are made. These factors will affect the distance you can travel in your
wheelchair. All wheelchair batteries will gradually lose their capacity as they age.
The most important factor that reduces the life of your batteries is the amount of
charge you take from the batteries before you recharge them. Battery life is also
reduced by the number of times you charge and discharge the batteries. To make
your batteries last longer, do not allow them to become completely flat. Always
recharge your batteries promptly after they are discharged.
If your battery gauge reading seems to fall more quickly than usual, your batteries
may be worn out.

9.1 How to Read a TruCharge Battery Gauge

If the battery gauge shows red, yellow and green, the batteries are charged. If
the battery gauge shows just red and yellow, then you should charge the
batteries as soon as you can.
If the battery gauge shows just red, either steady or flashing slowly, then you
should charge the batteries immediately.


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