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Magic Chef MCSCD6W3 User Manual: Possible Causes

Countertop dishwasher.
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The dishes are not clean.
Cloudiness on the
Black or gray marks on
Detergent le inside the
dispenser cups.
The dishes are not dry.


The dishes were not loaded
The selected program was not
the appropriate cycle sequence
for the condi on of the dishes.
Not enough detergent was
Items are blocking the rota on
path of the water spray arm.
The filter assembly at the base
of the unit is not clean, is
clogged, or is not installed
correctly. This may clog the
spray arm jets.
This is a combina on of so
water and too much detergent.
Aluminum utensils have
rubbed against the dishes.
Dishware blocked the detergent
cups, preven ng them to open
fully during the wash cycle.
Improper loading of dishware.
Too li le rinse aid.
Dishes were removed from the
washer too soon.
Wrong wash cycle sequence
Using cutlery with a low quality
coa ng.
E1: Water Intake Problem.
E4: Overflow Problem.
See "Loading Dishwasher" sec on of the user manual.
Select a more intense program to compensate for the
condi on of the dishware.
Use more detergent, or change the type of detergent being
used by the dishwasher.
Rearrange the items accordingly so that the spray arm can
rotate freely.
Clean and properly secure the filter into its seat and fit the
filter assembly correctly into the unit. Clean the spray arm
jets. See the "Care and Maintenance" sec on of this
Use less detergent if you have so water, and select a
shorter wash cycle sequence to clean the glassware.
Use a mild abrasive cleaner to remove the marks.
Rearrange the dishes accordingly and rerun the wash cycle
See "Loading Dishwasher" sec on of the user manual.
Increase the amount of rinse aid dispensed or refill the
rinse aid dispenser if empty.
Do not empty your dishwasher immediately a er the cycle
ends. Open the door slightly, so that the steam can escape.
Begin unloading the dishwasher once the dishes are barely
warm to the touch.
Shorter wash cycle sequences use lower temperatures with
lower cleaning performance capabili es. Choose a wash
cycle with a longer wash me to resolve this issue.
Water drainage is more difficult with these items. Cutlery
or dishes of this type are not suitable for dishwasher use.
E1: Faucet is not open, restricted intake, or low pressure.
E4: Some element of the dishwasher is leaking. Turn main
water supply off, immediately! Clean water around base.
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