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Magic Chef MCSCD6W3 User Manual: Troubleshooting

Countertop dishwasher.
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Dishwasher does not start.
Water is not pumped from
the dishwasher.
Suds in the tub.
Stained tub interior.
White film on the inside
surface of dishwasher.
Rust stains on the
Knocking noise in the
washing cabinet.


Fuse is blown or the circuit
breaker has tripped.
Power supply is not turned on.
Dishwasher door is not closed
Drain hose is kinked.
Filter is clogged.
Kitchen sink is clogged.
Improper detergent used.
Spilled rinse aid.
Detergent with a colorant
was used.
Hard water mineral
The affected items are not
corrosion resistant.
The spray arm is knocking
against an item loaded in the
Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker. Remove any
other appliances sharing the same circuit with the
A) Make sure the dishwasher is turned on and the door is
closed securely.
B) Make sure the power cord is properly plugged into the
wall socket.
Close the door securely by ensuring that the door latch is
completely engaged.
Check the drain hose and ensure that there are no kinks or
obstruc ons.
Check the filter assembly and remove any debris, if any,
and ensure nothing is blocking the filter.
Check the kitchen sink for adequate drainage. If the kitchen
sink is not draining you may need to contact a plumber to
inspect your drainage pipe.
Use only detergent specifically designed and marked for
use with dishwashers.
Always wipe away rinse aid spills immediately.
If suds occur, open the dishwasher and let the suds
evaporate. Wipe away any residue.
Add approximately one gallon of cold water to the tub,
then close and secure the door.
Select the "PREWASH" program. Press the Start/Reset
bu on to drain out the water. Repeat the selected
program, if necessary.
Pause the wash cycle and rearrange the items accordingly,
following the guidelines listed in the user manual.
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