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Troubleshooting Guide - Kenwood KCA-R42FM Instruction Manual

Controller for disc auto changer / fm modulator system
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Troubleshooting guide

What might seem to be a malfunction in your unit may just be the result of slight misoperation or miswiring. Before
calling service, first check the following table for possible problems.
The power is not turned on.
No sound or sound is low.
The unit does not work properly
when a button is pressed.
Sound quality is poor.
(Sound distortion)
CD/MD play does not start.
The specified disc is not
played; a different disc is
played instead.
The wiring harness fuse blows.
The O-N selection switch of the disc changer is not set
The volume level is minimum.
The fader or balance is set to one side.
The input/output wire or wiring harness is connected
The microcomputer malfunctions.
The volume level is too high.
CD/MD auto-changer input is not connected to the unit.
Power button is not turned ON.
The specified disc is very dirty.
The disc is loaded upside down.
Two discs are inserted in a slot.
The number of the slot into which the disc is inserted is
different from the number of the specified disc.
The disc is severely damaged.
Check wires for shorts, then replace the fuse with one of
with the same rating (shown on the case).
Set the O-N selection switch to "O" position.
Raise the volume level.
Adjust the fader and balance.
Connect the input/output wire or wiring harness correctly.
See "Connecting Wires to Terminals" (Page 12).
Press the Reset button of the display unit.
Use the appropriate volume level.
Connect the CD/MD auto-changer input to the unit.
Turn the power button ON.
Check and, if possible, clean the disc.
Eject the disc magazine and insert the disc correctly.
Eject the disc magazine and insert the discs correctly.
Eject the disc magazine and check the number of the
specified disc.
Use another disc.
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