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Adjusting The Temperature - Kenmore 62042 Owner's Manual

Kenmore refrigerator user manual


To Start
Plug the refrigeratorinto a wall outlet. Set the refrigerator
temperature control on "3". Wait 24 hours. Check the food.
Adjust the control if needed.
Start / Adjust Control
Your refrigerator must he reasonably level.
Use the screw-type adjustable leveling legs on the front corners
of the refrigerator. Leveling makes the refrigerator morn
efficient and quieter.
Adjusting The Temperature
Adjust the refrigerator temperature using the cold control in
the refrigerator compartment.
The "MIN" position is the warmest setting on each
For ordinary use, set the temperature control in the "3"
If either section is not cold enough, turn the control
toward "MAX".
If either section is too cold, turn the control toward
"MIN". After adjusting the control, wait 24 hours. Then,
make another change, if needed.
In the summer or when the refrigerator door is opened often,
you may need to turn the control in the re_'ri-gerator toward
"MAX" so more cold air will enter the refrigerator section.
Don't turn the refrigerator temperature control off unless
both freezer and refrigerator sections are completely empty.
The control will shut off refrigeration in both sections.
Use And Care Information
Everyday care is listed on the inside door. Special cleaning
instructions are on individual parts.
Before You Move Your Kenmore
to a New
Remove all food (pack dry ice around any food you're
keeping). Unplug the refrigerator and tape the power cord
securely to the back.
Take out all removable shelves and storage drawers. Pack
carefully. Clean and dry your refrigerator thoroughly.
Tape all doors, drawers, and shelves that you didn't
Move your refrigerator in an upright position, never leave
it on its back or side.
Your Kenmore refrigerator needs three inches of air space at the
top and a one inch space between the wall and the condenser on
the back of the refrigerator.
Do not operate
such as gasoline.
Do not use
for storage
of flammables.
Your refrigerator
must be grounded.
Use a
120 Volts, 60 Hz outlet. Do not use an
Use a 3-prong plug with 3-prong grounded wall outlet. (Only
this method complies with National Electrical Code, local codes
and ordinances.)
the above grounding
is followed,
you are not protected
or lethal shock in the event
of a short circuit of an electrical
or wiring
of refrigerator.



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