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Top freezer refrigerator
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Remove t heouterlower D ecorative Screw from housing
atareabetween f reezer andrefrigerator doors (Fig. 3 1).
Youwillneed thishole fortheMiddle Hinge Bracket).
Fig.31¢}...._ _ :_;
Place Upper Hinge's Pininthetopoffreezer d oor
andlineuptheUpper H inge withholes intopof
refrigerator. Use the 3 bolts to replace Hinge (Fig. 35).
Fig. 35
• Following illustration, flip the Middle Hinge Bracket (Flange
will now be on top) and position on left side of refrigerator
and re-attach with two bolts and a Phillips screw. (Fig. 32).
• Place refrigerator door down over pin on bottom hinge.
(Fig. 32).
• Place washer between refrigerator door and middle hinge
and re-attach Hinge Pin to Hinge Bracket with 1/4-in.
socket wrench. NOTE: Bracket has been flipped, but Hinge
Pin stays in the same orientation with its hexagonal end
facing upward (Fig. 32).
Fig. 32
Place Decorative Screw into outer hole on right side
of housing (Fig. 33).
Attach cover on the right side. Cover is force-fitted (Fig. 33).
..... /J
I Decorative
€l S_rew
• Put freezer door down over the Hinge Pin
on the Middle Hinge Pin Bracket (Fig. 34).
Fig. 34
• Tighten bolts. Force-fit Top Hinge Cover
over Top Hinge (Fig. 36).
Fig. 36
• Replace cover from left side of refrigerator
top onto the right of top to cover the holes.
Cover is also force-fitted (Fig. 37).
Cover (on top of
After changing doors, make sure that the corners
of the Door Gaskets are not folded over (see Fig. 38).
To ensure a good seal, apply a small amount of silicon
grease on the corners of gaskets.
Fig. 38

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents