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General Operation; Viewing System Settings; Option Screen; Changing Date And Time - Mitsubishi Electric ecodan Homeowner Quick Start Manual

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General Operation

This screen shows the target temperature, space heating mode,
DHW mode any additional heat sources being used, holiday mode,
and the date and time.

Option Screen

This screen shows if the heating and/(or) hot water are ON (►), Prohibited ()
or Scheduled (). You can also edit/activate the holiday setting.
Turning on Priority Hot Water / Hot Water / Heating
Forced DHW to activate press F1
DHW operating mode to change mode press F2
Space heating operating mode to change mode press F3
Holiday mode to access Holiday screen press F4
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Home Screen
Use the function buttons to
access more information.
When this screen is displayed
pressing F1* will display the
current status whilst pressing
F4* will transfer the user to the
option menu screen.
*Function Key

Viewing System Settings

To access the main settings menu, press button B 'MENU'.

Changing Date and Time

From main settings menu use F2 and F3 Function Keys to highlight
'Initial Settings' icon and select by pressing CONFIRM.
Use F1 and F2 Function Keys to scroll through the menu list.
When 'Date/Time' is highlighted then press CONFIRM to edit.
Use the relevant function keys to edit each initial setting then press
CONFIRM to save the setting.
To return to the main settings menu press the BACK button.
The following menus will be displayed:
- DHW (Domestic Hot Water)
- Heating
- Schedule
- Holiday
- Initial setting
- Service (Password protected)
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