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Cylinder Unit; Heating System - Mitsubishi Electric ecodan Homeowner Quick Start Manual

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Air Source Heat Pump
Heat energy from the outside air and a little mains
electricity is used by the Air Source Heat Pump to
heat refrigerant to a high temperature. This heat is
then transferred to water which flows into your home
for central heating and also for hot water for baths
etc. The way the heat pump works is similar to a
refrigerator in reverse.

Cylinder Unit

The cylinder unit contains a hot water tank as well as
various heating parts to complete your heating systems,
such as water pumps and safety valves.
Your hot water and central heating system is controlled
by the control panel which will either be attached to the
front of the cylinder unit or attached to a wall in your
home. The control panel allows you to customise the
settings to your home.

Heating System

The system used to transfer heat from the Ecodan to the home.
Most often large radiators, but sometimes under floor heating.
Your radiators may be fitted with thermostatic radiator
valves (TRVs). These will adjust the amount of heat
emitted from the radiator dependent on the demand.
Each valve will have numbers that can be adjusted by
turning the top of the valve. The higher the number, the
warmer your room will become and the more energy you
will use resulting in higher bills. Check your TRVs to
make sure they are not set too high.
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Save Energy, Save Money
How to run your system efficiently
The Ecodan provides water at a lower temperature than the gas or
oil fired boiler you may be used to. This means that you may notice
some differences between this system and ones you have used before.
Below is a list of the main differences and how this will affect you.
Difference to
Oil/Gas boiler
Low flow temperatures
Radiators will not feel
hot to the touch.
Central heating may be
slower to respond when
you change the set
Central heating will not
Room temperature may
run whilst the hot water
decrease a little during
tank is being heated.
water tank heat up.
Advanced Controls
Self learning controls
mean that the system
runs more efficiently.
To optimise running costs it is advisable the homeowner seeks
the cheapest possible electricity tariff. An internet search facility
like will be able to help.
Action Needed
This is not a
problem for heating.
It is advisable not to hang
clothes over the radiators
as it prevents the heat
from passing to the air
in the room.
Reaction times differ
between systems of
different sizes. Please
ensure you wait sufficient
time before adjusting the
controls again.
Use the schedule
function to heat water
up overnight or during
a time when the home
is unoccupied.
It is nearly always most
efficient to run the system
in "Room Auto Adaptation"
mode for heating.
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