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Reversing The Door; Tools Needed - GE MTMX100EM Manual

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Reversing the door


Tools needed:

Phillips screwdriver
Open the door and remove the filler plugs opposite the hinges. With the
door completely open, remove the bottom screw from each hinge on the
dryer face. Insert these screws about half way into the TOP holes, for each
hinge, on the opposite side (where you removed the filler plugs). Apply firm
pressure to get the screw started in new holes.
Loosen the top screw from each hinge on the dryer face half way. With one
hand holding the top of the door and the other hand holding the bottom,
remove the door from the dryer by lifting it UP and OUT.
Rotate the door 180°. Insert it on the opposite side of the opening by moving
the door IN and DOWN until the top hinge and the bottom hinge are resting
on the top screws inserted in step 1.
Remove the remaining screws from the side of the opening from which the
door was removed. With these screws, secure each hinge at the bottom.
Tighten the two top screws of each hinge. Reinsert the plastic plugs on the
side from which the door was removed.
putty knife


Table of Contents

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