LG LKD1000 Owner's Manual

LG LKD1000 Owner's Manual

Dynamic controller
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Dynamic Controller
Please read this manual carefully before operating
your set and retain it for future reference.
P/NO : MFL62723777


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for LG LKD1000

  • Page 1 OWNER’S MANUAL Dynamic Controller Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it for future reference. MODEL LKD1000 P/NO : MFL62723777...
  • Page 2 • A suitable conduit entries, knock-outs or glands CAUTION shall be provided in the cable entries of this prod- uct in the end user. RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK • Caution: Danger of explosion if battery is incor- DO NOT OPEN rectly replaced.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    LG Electronics hereby declares that 10. Protect the power cord from being walked on or this/these product(s) is/are in compli- pinched particularly at plugs, convenience recep-...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Privacy Setup ..........25 Connecting the LG DVR ........9 Communication Settings .......26 Connecting the PTZ Camera ......10 Camera setup ..........29 Connecting the multiple LKD1000 controller 10 REFERENCE ........ System Operation ..........11 Camera Control Function ........ LKD1000 SETUP MENU ........11 Pan/Tilt Control ..........32 Key Functions on the Setup menu ....11...
  • Page 5: Introduction

    INTRODUCTION About LKD1000 Controller This controller is the brand of Camera and DVR Controlling Keyboard of LG in a surveillance system. You can operate this system very easily and conveniently because of design structure based on biotechnology and various functions for users. In addition, the controller can control using the functions of the LG Camera and LG DVR system.
  • Page 6: Identification Of The Controller

    Identification of the Controller d e f k l m n 1 LG DVR Control Buttons 4 Setup Button For details, see page 15. Opens controller’s main Setup menu in the dis- play window. 2 Display Window Displays function menus, numeric input, and 5 Cam OSD Button system status.
  • Page 7 1000 controller. If you want to use the multiple LKD1000 controller, connect the RS-485 1CH of > FUNC + Number 0: You can adjust the the other LKD1000 controller to this port using the brightness of the display window (4: RS-485 cable.
  • Page 8: Hookup And Settings

    Up to 256 cameras. Notes: • Please refer to the LG DVR and Camera manuals as necessary for additional connection information. • Set the DVR ID and Camera ID differently for each DVR and Camera if many DVRs or cameras are con-...
  • Page 9: Rs-485 Connection

    VRs. Notes: • When connecting lines, connect the TX - of the LKD1000 controller to RX - (DATA2) of the LG DVR and TX + of the LKD1000 controller to RX + (DATA2) of the LG DVR correctly. • Set the appropriate DVR system ID to operate via the LKD1000 Controller when using the multiple LG...
  • Page 10: Connecting The Ptz Camera

    You can connect up to 16 LKD1000 controllers. If you use the multiple LKD1000 controller, you must set the LKD1000 ID. Set to 1 for master controller and set to the other ID number (2 to 16) for the slave controller.
  • Page 11: System Operation

    Press Setup to display the setup menu. 1. Check that the LG DVR or the camera, the moni- tor and peripherals are connected correctly and securely. Key Functions on the Setup menu 2.
  • Page 12: Change Password

    Change Password • In case of Operator: The factory default of password is “000000”. However, for security, you should change the pass- word setting. 1. Select [Change Password] option then press ENTER. The sub menu will appear. 2. Select the user to change the password and press 4.
  • Page 13: About Camera

    NONE: Auto Key Lock function is disable. • After 1 min: The keys on the controller are locked This LKD1000 controller has the controller ID. If you when there is no operation for 1 minute. use 2 controllers or more simultaneously, set the •...
  • Page 14: Factory Reset

    OPERATION Factory Reset If you need to, you can reset the LKD1000 controller to its original factory settings. Operation the LG DVR 1. Select [FACTORY RESET] option then press ENTER. You can control the connected LG DVR using the The sub menu will appear.
  • Page 15 • LOCK How to instant recording Displays the lock menu to change the user (1) Press the REC. type or disable the system operation. (2) Press the NUM and then press the chan- • SETUP nel button you want to record. Displays the setup menu or cancels operation (3) Press ENTER to start recording.
  • Page 16: Operation The Connected Camera Via The Dvr

    DVR nected to the LKD1000 control- ler directly You can control the connected camera via the LG DVR using the LKD1000 controller. You can control the camera connected to the 1. Follow steps 1 to 2 described in “Operation the LKD1000 controller directly.
  • Page 17: Camera Control Menu

    Camera Control Menu Preset Settings Preset is the function to register camera monitoring The Camera Control menu has several submenus. positions (pan, tilt and zoom positions) associated All of these main menus are divided into submenus. with position numbers. Camera Control menu overview By entering the position numbers, you can set cam- eras to the preset positions.
  • Page 18 Changing to Picture at Preset Position To tour the preset positions The following function is available only with cameras You can tour all preset positions. provided with the preset function. 1. Select the [PRESET] icon and press ENTER. The preset function makes the camera move to the The sub menu will appear.
  • Page 19 To edit the group You can create a group using preset positions that are registered already. A maximum of 9 groups is available. 1. Select the [PRESET] icon and press ENTER. The sub menu will appear. 2. Select [Edit Group] option then press ENTER. The sub menu will appear.
  • Page 20 To delete a group To tour the group You can delete a memorized group. You can tour the group that is registered already. 1. Follow steps 1 to 2 described in “To edit the 1. Select the [PRESET] icon and press ENTER. group”.
  • Page 21 To clear the preset position To clear all preset position You can delete all memorized preset position. You can delete a memorized preset position. 1. Select the [PRESET] icon and press ENTER. 1. Select the [PRESET] icon and press ENTER. The sub menu will appear.
  • Page 22 2 to 8. Alarm input setting is finished and the setting is (This operating description is based on the LG product.) memorized in the camera’s memory. 6. Repeat the steps 3 to 5 to set additional Alarm 1.
  • Page 23: Auto Pan Setup And Activation

    Auto Pan Setup and Activation You will set up and activate the auto pan function. The camera can pan among the points you will set. Note: Refer to the operating instructions of camera for details on the auto pan function. To set the points of auto pan 1.
  • Page 24: Pattern Setup And Activation

    To activate auto pan Pattern Setup and Activation 1. Select the [AUTO PANNING] icon and press You will perform the pattern setup and the pattern ENTER. The sub menu will appear. play. Note: The available patterns differ depending on camera. So please refer to camera’s manual.
  • Page 25: Privacy Setup

    Privacy Setup 5. If you finish to record, press ENTER or CLR. The pattern is memorized in the camera’s mem- This setting is used for masking unwanted zones, ory. hiding them from display on the monitor screen. 6. Repeat the steps 2 to 5 to add additional position. Up to 8 zones can be registered.
  • Page 26: Communication Settings

    • OFF: The veiling function is disabled. 3. Select the desired parameter from [LG Multix], 4. Enter a [Zone No] number (1 to 8). [LG SD168], [Pelco D], [Pelco P], [LG Zoom]. The display zone setting has been completed and [LPT A100L], [LG Multix Extensiton] and [LS900].
  • Page 27 Baud Rate (Communication Speed) Setting Parity bit Setting The speed of communication between the system The parity bit, added to the data, to perform parity controller and the camera. check. 1. Select the [COMMUNICATION] icon and press 1. Select the [COMMUNICATION] icon and press ENTER.
  • Page 28 LG DVR. When the H/W communica- ENTER. tion setting (baudrate, parity, and data bit) between LG DVR and Camera connected to LG DVR is not match, you will not be able to control the camera. The unmatched communication setting can be hap-...
  • Page 29: Camera Setup

    Camera setup Go To PTZ Home Position The home position is the camera’s basic position. In this menu, you can customize the settings provided. The camera returns to this position after executing the [Go To PTZ Home Position] option. Set Manual Focus Speed 1.
  • Page 30 Periodic PTZ Reset PTZ Reset You can set the camera to periodically reset its PTZ You can reset the camera's PTZ position without position. change of camera’s internal data. 1. Select the [CAMERA SETUP] icon and press 1. Select the [CAMERA SETUP] icon and press ENTER.
  • Page 31 Factory Reset You can reset all camera’s settings to factory default. 1. Select the [CAMERA SETUP] icon and press ENTER. 2. Select [Factory Reset] option then press ENTER. The sub menu will appear. 3. Enter the password and press ENTER. 4.
  • Page 32: Reference

    REFERENCE Lens Control The following functions are available with cameras provided with controllable lens. Camera Control Function Camera control functions are operable. It is necessary to set up the camera before using the camera control functions. For further information, refer to the Operating Instructions for the respective combination camera.
  • Page 33 Protocol Function Table PROTOCOL REQUIRED FUNCTION PARAMETER PELCO P PELCO D LS900 MULTIX SD168 ZOOM A100L MULTIX E Set Preset Preset index Speed Park time Go To Preset Preset index Tour Edit Group Group index Preset index Preset Group Tour Group index Clear Preset Preset index...
  • Page 34: Specifications

    Control Pattern Settings Privacy Zone Masking Alarm Control LG DVR (LDV-S500 series, LE3100 series, LE2100 series) key emulation (All function operated by DVR front key is supported). Operating only TX mode Connection Operating only RX mode (Using for controller cascade)
  • Page 36 AB28...

Table of Contents