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Cautions - JVC XL-PG37SL Operating Instructions Manual

Jvc portable cd player operating instructions
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Rechargeable batteries
• Only the BN-R1211 battery can be recharged.
• If the power delivered by the batteries lasts for a very short
time after recharging, it means that the batteries' service life
is over. Do not use them any more.
• Recharging already charged batteries will shorten their service life.
• When recharging batteries for the first time or when they have
not been used for a long period of time, the play time may be
shorter than usual. In a case like this, repeatedly recharge
and discharge the batteries. This will restore them to their
regular state.
• Do not allow any metal objects to touch the terminals of
rechargeable batteries since this may cause short-circuiting
which is dangerous.
• Do not peel off the plastic covering on the rechargeable
batteries. Short-circuiting may occur which is dangerous.
Dry cell batteries/rechargeable
To prevent damage to the batteries and electrolyte leakage,
heed the following points.
• Align the , and . polarities properly when inserting the
• Do not mix different types or makers of batteries or old and
new batteries.
• Remove the batteries if you do not plan to use the unit for a
long period of time.
• Do not throw batteries into a fire, and do not short-circuit,
disassemble or subject them to excessive heat.
• Do not attempt to recharge dry cell batteries.
Carrying dry cell batteries/
rechargeable batteries around
When putting dry cell or rechargeable batteries in a pocket or
bag, ensure that no other metal objects such as a necklace are
placed together with them. Contact with metal may cause short-
circuiting which, in turn, may cause a fire.
Be absolutely sure to carry the rechargeable batteries in the
battery carrying case.
When purchasing rechargeable
As a safety precaution, the portable CD players made by JVC
have a construction designed to make it impossible to recharge
ordinary batteries.
To use rechargeable batteries, be absolutely sure to purchase the
rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries designed especially for this unit.
Special rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries:
BN-R1211 (set of 2)
For details, check with your dealer.
Special rechargeable
Ordinary dry cell
Notice about the rechargeable battery
The battery is designated recyclable.
Please follow your local recycling regulations.
When driving a car
In the interest of traffic safety, do not operate the unit while
AC adaptor
• Handle the AC adaptor carefully. Improper handling is
• Do not touch it with wet hands.
• Do not place heavy objects on top of it.
• Do not forcibly bend it.
• Be sure to connect only the AC adaptor provided with the unit.
• Disconnect the AC adaptor from the power outlet if the unit is
not going to be used for a long time.
No altering or remodeling
This can cause malfunctioning.
No dropping or strong impacts
This may damage the unit.
Locations to be avoided
Avoid using the unit in the following locations since they can
cause malfunctioning.
1. Bathrooms and other moisture-prone places.
2. Warehouses and other dusty places
3. Very hot places near heating appliances, etc.
Do not leave the unit exposed to direct sunlight for
long periods of time
This may deform or discolor the cabinet and may also cause
Listening precautions
• Do not play your headphones at a high volume. Hearing
experts advise against continuous extended play.
• If you experience a ringing in your ears, reduce volume or
discontinue use.
• Even if your headphones or earphones are an open-air type
designed to let you hear outside sounds, don't turn up the
volume so high that you can't hear what's around you.
• You should use extreme caution or temporarily discontinue
use in potentially hazardous situations.
• Even if your headphones is an open-air type designed to let
you hear outside sounds, don't turn up the volume so high
that you can't hear what's around you.



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