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Sequential Play (Basic Play) - JVC XL-PG37SL Operating Instructions Manual

Jvc portable cd player operating instructions
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XL-PG57SL only
Sólo XL-PG57SL
Alleen bij de XL-PG57SL
Sequential Play
Basic Play
1, 2
Firmly connect the plug into the jack.
Press OPEN 3 to open the lid, and insert
the disc.
a Label must face upward.
Press the area near the center hole of the disc
until it clicks into position.
b Close the lid.
Release the hold mode.
Set the volume level to minimum position
before playing the disc.
Press 3/8.
Play now starts.
c Track number in play
d Elapsed playing time of each track
Play stops automatically when all the tracks have
been played.
Ajust the volume level.
For your reference:
This indication appears for about 30 seconds if the 3/8
button is pressed when no disc is loaded in the unit or if
the disc is not properly seated. Then, the unit is auto-
matically shut off.
"– –"
This indication appears to let you know the status of the
• Preparation period before playing the track
Flashes for several seconds after you have press the
3/8 button to play the disc.
(Flashes until the rotational speed of disc becomes
constant or until the contents of disc is read.)
•Opened lid
Stays lit for 30 seconds when the lid is opened.
Never insert foreign objects into the body.
Auto power off function
If the unit is left in stop mode for 30 seconds, the
unit powers itself off automatically to prevent the
batteries from running down.



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