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Concerning Compact Discs - JVC XL-PG37SL Operating Instructions Manual

Jvc portable cd player operating instructions
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Compact Discs
Only compact discs bearing this mark can be used
with this unit.
However, continued use of irregular shape CDs (heart-
shape, octagonal, etc.) can damage the unit.
CD-R and CD-RW discs recorded with the audio CD
format can be played back, though some may not be
played back because of the disc characteristics or
recording condition.
How to remove a disc from its case
How to store the disc in its case
a Label side up
How to hold a disc
If the disk surface is dirty
b Play surface (shiny surface)
Wipe it with a damp cloth and then wipe dry.
Wipe from the center toward the outer edge.
If moisture has formed on a disc
When moisture has formed because the disc was
brought suddenly into a warm room from a cold
environment, wipe off the moisture using a soft dry
When storing discs
Avoid locations which are
• Exposed to direct sunlight.
• Susceptible to high levels of humidity or dust.
• Directly exposed to heat from a heating appliance.
• On top of a car dashboard or near the rear window.
Handling precautions
• On the label side (the side with writing)
Do not write anything using a pencil, ball-point pen,
etc. Do not use adhesive paper or labels.
• On the disc (shiny) side
Handle this side carefully to keep it free from
fingerprints or scratches. Do not use record cleaners,
solvents, etc.
• Do not attach labels or stickers to CDs.
Do not use CDs with exposed adhesive from tape or
left over peeled off stickers.
• Do not use scratch-proof protectors or covers other
than those specified for use with this unit.



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