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4-177-127-12 (1)
Digital Wireless

Operating Instructions

Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly
and retain it for future reference.
© 2010 Sony Corporation


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    4-177-127-12 (1) Digital Wireless Receiver Operating Instructions Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future reference. DWR-R01D © 2010 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    • Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, WARNING heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat. • Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized or To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, grounding-type plug.
  • Page 3 Sony’s Business Information Center (BIC) at 1-800-686- éclaboussures. Ne placer aucun objet rempli de liquide, 7669 comme un vase, sur l’appareil. or Write to: Sony Customer Information Services Center 6900-29 Daniels Parkway, PMB 330 Fort Myers, Florida ATTENTION 33912 Cet appareil n’est pas déconnecté de la source d’alimentation secteur tant qu’il est raccordé...
  • Page 4 ATTENZIONE WARNUNG L’apparecchio non deve essere esposto a gocciolamenti o spruzzi. Non collocare sull’apparecchio oggetti contenenti Um die Gefahr von Bränden oder liquidi, come ad esempio vasi di fiori. elektrischen Schlägen zu verringern, darf dieses Gerät nicht Regen oder ATTENZIONE Feuchtigkeit ausgesetzt werden.
  • Page 5 Con la presente Sony Corporation dichiara che questo Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) DWR-R01D è conforme ai requisiti essenziali ed alle altre this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this disposizioni pertinenti stabilite dalla direttiva 1999/5/CE.
  • Page 6 Για τ υς πελάτες στην Eυρώπη Den här produkten är avsedd för användning i följande Με την παρ ύσα η Sony Corporation δηλώνει τι länder: Storbritannien, Tyskland, Norge, Luxembourg, DWR-R01D συμμ ρφώνεται πρ ς της υσιώδεις Belgien, Danmark, Frankrike, Italien, Sverige, Schweiz, απαιτήσεις...
  • Page 7 Nórsko, Luxembursko, Belgicko, Dánsko, Francúzsko, Taliansko, Švédsko, Švajčiarsko, Fínsko, Island a Turecko. Za stranke v Evropi Sony Corporation izjavlja, da je ta DWR-R01D v skladu z bistvenimi zahtevami in ostalimi relevantnimi določili direktive 1999/5/ES. Za podrobnosti vas naprošamo, če pogledate naURL:
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Display of the Low-cut Filter Setting (LCF) Table of Contents ............28 Display of the +48 V Power Setting (+48V) Features ............9 ............28 Parts Identification ........10 Display of Accumulated Transmitter Use Front Panel..........10 Time (TIME) ........28 Rear Panel........... 13 RF REMOTE Menu........
  • Page 9: Features

    Rack mounting Building up wireless remote control The DWR-R01D can be mounted in an EIA standard 19- system according to system scale inch rack (1U size). Solid all-in-one structure is adopted on the screw brackets and side panels.
  • Page 10: Parts Identification

    Parts Identification Front Panel 1 POWER switch 2 UTILITY button 3 Monitor indicators d VOLUME control 1 Display (see page 11) 5 PHONES terminal 2 Controls (see page 12) a POWER switch Turns the receiver on or off. Set to the \ position to turn the receiver on. Set to the a position when turning off the main power supply.
  • Page 11 1 Display The contents of the display before the DWR-R01D enters menu operation (top display) are described below. Since the top display shows information contained in the metadata sent from the transmitter as well as the receiver settings and status, this can be used for operation monitoring.
  • Page 12 H: transmitting at 50 mW 2 Controls M: transmitting at 10 mW The control areas for channel 1 and channel 2 are identical. L: transmitting at 1 mW 1 ALERT indicator For details on changing the transmitter settings, see 2 Jog dial “Changing the Settings on the Transmitter”...
  • Page 13: Rear Panel

    DWR-R01D. una tensione eccessiva in questa porta. Seguire le Use the following type of cable when: istruzioni per questa porta. Directly connecting the computer and the DWR-R01D: PRECAUCIÓN Cross cable • No toque el conector LAN directamente con las manos.
  • Page 14 These connectors output the signals input from the ANTENNA a/b IN connectors. Using these connectors, For details, see “Antenna attenuator setting (ANT ATT a/ you can connect up to eight of DWR-R01D units in b)” on page 30. cascade. Notes g REM ANT (ST remote system antenna) •...
  • Page 15: Preparation

    Foot Attach the feet into the holes on this unit, and then fix the feet by pushing the pins into the holes on the feet. To install the DWR-R01D in the rack, be sure to remove the attached feet. Preparation...
  • Page 16: System Configuration Examples

    NT remote system system system BNC connectors into the front panel from the back side, and secure the nuts on the front side. DWR-R01D 1 to 41 1 to 3 1 to 41 Sony digital 1 to 82 1 to 6 1 to 82 Attach the supplied whip antennas.
  • Page 17 Use commercially available BNC cables (50 Ω, 60 cm or longer) to connect the antenna mounts with BNC connectors to the ANTENNA a/b IN connectors on the rear panel of the unit. Rear panel attachment Attach the supplied whip antennas to the ANTENNA a/b IN connectors on the rear panel.
  • Page 18: Configuration Example Of Multi-channel System

    2) Up to 41 DWR-R01D units can be used by incorporating optional WD-850 units. 3) When connecting DWR-R01D units in cascade, set ANT ATT a/b to “0dB” and ANT DC OUT to “OFF” on any DWR- R01D unit that is not directly connected to the antenna.
  • Page 19 Usage Example of Antenna Divider Example of a system that connects a total of 41 units (82 channels) in cascade via a separately sold WD-850 UHF antennas WD-850 (sold separately) System Configuration Examples...
  • Page 20 Audio divider, and then connects to each device. For digital audio output to be performed correctly, it is Set the 75 Ω termination switches of all DWR-R01D units necessary to connect a device incorporating a sampling to ON. rate converter to the DIGITAL OUT 1/2/3 connector of the...
  • Page 21: Configuration Example Of St Remote System

    Note In the ST remote system, each DWR-R01D unit uses one channel of radio wave. When more transmitters are used in the system, communication congestion may occur, resulting in slow response on the controlled devices. If you plan to use six or more transmitters, operation in NT remote system using the optional RMU-01 is recommended.
  • Page 22: Configuration Example Of Nt Remote System

    Mixer of I/O box To a wall outlet 1) When 41 DWR-R01D units are used, up to 82 transmitters can be used. 2) Up to nine RMU-01 units can be installed to expand the NT remote operation area. 3) Up to 41 DWR-R01D units can be used by incorporating optional WD-850.
  • Page 23: Setting The Receiving Channel

    About use of the same group and channel by adjacent systems For details on groups and channels, refer to “Sony Digital Wireless Microphone System Frequency Lists” on the When the same group and channel are being used by two supplied CD-ROM “Digital Wireless Receiver.”...
  • Page 24: Using The Clear Channel Scan Function

    Note Using the Encrypted If a Sony digital wireless frequency within the group is not found by the second try, scanning is cancelled. Transmission Function Using the Clear Channel Scan This receiver is capable of receiving scrambled signals Function from Sony digital wireless transmitters. This function prevents hacking of the signal.
  • Page 25: Using Password Mode (password)

    Exchanging the encryption key Menu Displays and The receiver searches for a transmitter that it has been Detailed Settings paired with. After the receiver detects the transmitter, the transmitter exchanges the encryption key with the receiver and encrypted transmission begins. Note Menu Structure and Hierarchy When the RF REMOTE function (see page 28) is off,...
  • Page 26: Basic Menu Operations

    Group/channel Selection (GP/CH) Set the group and channel to receive. The factory settings are the following: US models DWR-R01D/30: 00 3001 566.125 MHz DWR-R01D/42: 00 4201 638.125 MHz European model DWR-R01D/62: 00 6201 798.125 MHz For details, see“Selecting the Group/Channel” on Press one of the menu buttons (RECEIVER, page 23.
  • Page 27: Encrypted Transmission Function (encryption)

    “Changing the Settings on the Transmitter” on page 32. (OUTPUT LEVEL) The Sony digital wireless transmitter sends not only digital Selects analog audio output level for the ANALOG OUT audio signals, but also various other information 1/2 connectors.
  • Page 28: Display Of The Transmission Power Setting (rf Power)

    Display of the Transmission Power RF REMOTE Menu Setting (RF POWER) The transmission power setting of the transmitter from For details on menu operation, see “Basic Menu which transmission is currently being received is Operations” on page 26. displayed. This receiver is equipped with the wireless remote control Display of Audio Input Level function that can be used to set the parameters (low-cut (INPUT...
  • Page 29: Displaying The Remote Mode (mode)

    Rotate the jog dial to select the transmitter to be paired • Low-cut filter setting with from among those indicated, and then press the • Power save setting dial to enter the setting. • +48V setting The receiver starts to communicate with the selected For details on the transmitter settings, see “Changing the transmitter and the wireless remote control condition Settings on the Transmitter”...
  • Page 30: Utility Menu

    Note receiver settings, including displays. When connecting DWR-R01D units in cascade, set ANT DC OUT to “OFF” on any DWR-R01D unit that is not In this section, the functions included in the menu and their directly connected to the antenna.
  • Page 31: Items Related To Network (network Submenu)

    The delay times for receiver channels 1 and 2 may be The organic light-emitting diode display can be set to dim different when the DWR-R01D is used with two digital or turn off after a certain amount of time. wireless transmitters of differing models. By setting this AUTO OFF: The display turns off after 30 seconds.
  • Page 32: Changing The Settings On The Transmitter

    Transmission Power Setting Changing the Settings on POWER) the Transmitter You can change the transmission power of the transmitter. Audio Input Level Setting For details on menu operation, see “Basic Menu (INPUT LEVEL) Operations” on page 26. When the input of the transmitter is set to MIC, the value of the attenuator can be changed.
  • Page 33: Block Diagram

    Block Diagram Divider Digital wireless tuner 1 Digital Signal Processing Digital wireless tuner 2 Terminate 75 ohms Divider Block Diagram...
  • Page 34: When The Alert Indicator Lights

    When the Alert Indicator Lights Cause of Alert Indication of Other Indicators Remedy The AF/PEAK indicator is lit in The audio input of the transmitter has Change the audio input attenuator of the red. exceeded the peak level. transmitter so that the input level does not exceed the peak.
  • Page 35: Error Messages

    Error Messages Message Meaning PLL UNLOCK PLL is unlocked. FAN STOP Cooling fan does not work. PHONES OVER CURRENT Audio output from the PHONES terminal exceeds the maximum allowable current, or the terminal has short-circuited. ANTENNA OVER CURRENT DC outputs from the ANTENNA IN connectors exceed the maximum allowable current, or the connectors have short-circuited.
  • Page 36: Troubleshooting

    Two or more transmitters are set to the same It is not possible to use two or more transmitters that channel. are set to the same channel. Refer to the Sony digital wireless frequency lists included in the supplied CD-ROM “Digital Wireless Receiver” and reset the transmitter channel.
  • Page 37: Important Notes On Operation

    Operation The use of portable telephones and other communication devices near the DWR-R01D may result in malfunction and interference with audio signals. It is recommended that portable communication devices near the DWR- Notes on Using the Receiver R01D be turned off.
  • Page 38: Specifications

    Note Digital: –36 dBFs Always verify that the unit is operating properly before Dynamic range 106 dB or more (A-weighted) use. SONY WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR DAMAGES T.H.D 0.03% or less OF ANY KIND INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED Audio delay 1.9 ms (analog output)
  • Page 39 Sony Corporation...

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