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Operation Tips - Electrolux CXl09HL1W User Manual

Split inverter
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The following events may occur during normal
Protection of the air conditioner.
• Compressor protection - The compressor
can't restart for 3 minutes after it stops
• Anti-freezing - If the unit is operating
in COOL mode and in low ambient
temperature, frost may be formed on
the heat exchanger. When indoor heat
exchanger temperature decreases below
0ºC, the compressor will stop operation to
protect the unit.
• Defrosting - Frost may form on the outdoor
unit in heating operation when the outdoor
temperature is low but humidity is high,
resulting in low heating effi ciency. During this
condition the air conditioner will stop heating
operation and start defrosting automatically.
The time to defrost may vary from 3 to 12
minutes. During defrosting, the fan motors
of indoor unit and outdoor unit will stop,
the indoor indicator fl ashes "H1" and the
outdoor unit may emit vapour. This is not
malfunction. After defrosting is fi nished, the
heating operation will recover automatically.
• Anti-cold air - In HEAT mode, the indoor fan
will not operate in order to prevent cold air
being blown into the room (within 5 minutes),
if the indoor heat exchanger does not reach
a minimum temperature under the following
1. Heating operation just start.
2. After auto defrosting is just fi nished.
3. Heating at low temperature.
Gentle breeze
The indoor unit may still run to blow out the rest
heat of the indoor unit in the following situations:
1. In HEAT mode, the temperature reaches the
setting value, the compressor stops and the
indoor fan still runs for 60 seconds.
2. In HEAT mode, the unit is turned off, the
compressor stops and the indoor fan still
runs for 10 seconds.
A white mist coming out from the indoor
• A white mist may generate due to a large
temperature difference between air inlet
and air outlet in COOL mode in an indoor
environment that has a high relative humidity.
• A white mist may generate due to moisture
generated from defrosting process when
the air conditioner restarts in HEAT mode
operation after defrosting.
Low noise of the air conditioner
• You may hear a low hissing sound when
the compressor is running or has just stop
running. This is the sound of the refrigerant
fl owing or coming to a stop.
• You also may hear a low "squeak" sound
when the compressor is running or just
stopped running. This is caused by heat
expansion and cold contraction of the plastic
parts in the unit when the temperature is
• A noise may be heard due to louvre restoring
to its original position when power is fi rst
turned on.
Dust is blown out from the indoor unit
This is a normal condition when the air
conditioner has not been used for a long time or
during fi rst use of the unit.
A peculiar smell comes out from the indoor
This is caused by the indoor unit giving off
smells permeated from building material,
furniture or smoke.
The air conditioner turns to FAN only mode
from COOL or HEAT mode
When the indoor temperature reaches the
setting value, the compressor will stop
automatically, and the air conditioner turns to
FAN mode.
The compressor will start again when the indoor
temperature rises in COOL mode or falls in
HEAT mode to the set point. 23



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