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How To Use The Indoor Unit - Electrolux CXl09HL1W User Manual

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Tips and Information
• The clock timer uses a 12 hour clock mode.
• The default time for remote control is
12:00PM and it will revert to this when the
batteries are changed.
I Feel Operation
The remote control works as a remote
thermostat, providing an accurate temperature
control and maximum comfort.
Point the remote control to the indoor unit and
press I Feel button, a beep from the indoor
unit is to confi rm that this function is activated.
The I Feel symbol will stay on the display of the
remote control until I Feel button is pressed
The air conditioner will operate to reach the
set temperature at the location of the remote
The remote control sends the temperature
information at its location to the indoor unit every
ten (10) minutes. The air conditioner will quit I
FEEL operation and revert to normal operation
if no temperature information is received from
the remote control for successive eleven (11)
ION-Filter Operation
Press the ION-Filter button to active the Cold
Plasma and Plasma Dust Collector functions.
symbol will stay on the display of the
remote control until the ION-Filter button is
pressed again.
The Cold Plasma generator releases plasma
which can help to eliminate bacteria, viruses,
dusts and other harmful agents in the air.
The Plasma Dust Collector can trap various fi ne
particulate matter such as dust, smoke and
pollen from the air stream so as to keep the
room air clean.
This function is recommended when the indoor
air quality is poor.
Tips and Information
• The default setting for remote control is ON
when the remote control is turned on.
• It is not necessary to use this function when
the room air quality is good.
• Clean the Plasma dust Collector every three
to six months depending on the condition.
Additional Options
1. Smart Restart Function - The air conditioner
resumes automatically with the previous
settings after a possible power failure.
2. Removable Panel - The front panel of indoor
unit can be easily removed for cleaning and
3. Self Diagnose and Auto Protection - This
air conditioner can detect the malfunctions,
showing the diagnosis on the display of
the indoor unit by means of an error code.
The air conditioner will change operation
automatically for self-protection.
Airfl ow Direction Control
Adjust the airfl ow direction properly, otherwise,
it might cause discomfort or uneven room
Both horizontal louvre and vertical louvre can be
adjusted with the remote control.
To set the vertical (up/down) airfl ow
direction automatically
1. Perform this function while the unit is in
2. Press the Swing-V button on the remote
control, the horizontal louvre will swing up
and down automatically.
3. When the louvre moves to the desired
direction, press the Swing-V button again and
the louvre will stay at where it is. 17



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