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First Use; How To Use The Remote Control - Electrolux CXl09HL1W User Manual

Split inverter
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5. Mode Display - Displays the current
operation mode in the following sequence:
6. Ion-Filter Function Display - Displayed by
pressing the ION-Filter button. Press the
ION-Filter button again to remove it.
7. Sleep Function Display - Displays the three
sleep modes in the following sequence when
Sleep function is selected by pressing the
Sleep button.
8. Horizontal Swing Display - Displays when the
Horizontal Swing function is selected.
9. Light Status Display - Displays when the
indicating lights of indoor unit is switched on.
The normal condition at start up is on.
10. X-Fan Function Display - Displays when the
X-Fan function is activated.
11. 8°C Heating Indicator - Displays when
ION-Filter and Clock buttons are pressed
simultaneously to enter low heat operation in
HEAT mode.
12. Remote Lock Indicator - Displays when the
remote control is locked.
13. Vertical Swing Display - Displays when the
Vertical Swing function is selected.
14. I Feel Function Display - Displays when I Feel
function is activated.
15. Timer On/Off Display -
when the Timer On function is selected
symbol will display when the Timer Off
function is selected
16. Time Display - Displays the Clock time (must
be set) and/or the on/off time of the timer.
17. Temperature Display - Displays the set
temperature in °C or °F.


1. Ensure the unit is plugged in and power is
2. Be sure the batteries are inserted correctly in
the remote control (the lights on the remote
control will be on).
3. Set the time by Control buttons and confi rm
by pressing the Clock button.
4. Point the remote control to the indoor unit
symbol will display
and press ON/OFF button to turn the unit
on. The default operating mode is AUTO.
Once you select the operating mode with
remote control, the operating conditions will
be saved in the indoor unit's microcomputer
memory. The next time the air conditioner will
start operating under the same conditions
when you simply push the ON/OFF button of
the remote control.
Tips and Information
• In case of energy cut off or product shut
down when removing the power cord, or
even when changing the remote control
batteries the microprocessor will return back
to the AUTO mode.
Automatic Operation
When the AUTO mode is selected, the air
conditioner will automatically select COOL,
HEAT (if applicable), or FAN only operation,
depending on the programmed and/or the room



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