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Remote Control Display Indicators - Electrolux CXl09HL1W User Manual

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3. The hour of sleep mode will be automatically
increased on the remote control, to the 2nd,
3rd hour of sleep mode and so on with each
press of the Turbo button;
4. Repeat the above step (2)-(3) operation
until 8 hours of sleep temperature setting is
fi nished. The remote control will resume the
original timer display and the temperature
display will return to the original setting.
The sleep program can be checked by
selecting sleep mode
the Turbo button and then repeat pressing
the turbo button to review the sleep program
temperatures without pressing the control
In this mode, if no button is pressed for 10
seconds, the display will revert to normal
11. ION-Filter Button - Press this button to turn
on and off the Cold Plasma function and
Plasma Dust Collector function.
will be displayed on the remote control if
Cold Plasma function and Plasma Dust
Collector function are selected.
12. I Feel Button - Press this button to turn on
the I Feel function and the
displayed on the remote control. The remote
control will send the temperature information
to the indoor unit every ten (10) minutes. The
air conditioner will operate to reach the set
temperature at the location of the remote
control. Press again to cancel this function.
13. X-Fan Button - Press this button in COOL or
DEHUMIDIFY mode to active X-Fan function.
After the unit is turned off the indoor fan will
continue operation at low fan speed for 10
minutes to dry the indoor unit prevent from
bacteria and mildew growing. Press again to
cancel this function.
14. Clock Button - Press this button and the
symbol will blink. You can press
Control buttons
15. Light Button - Press this button to switch the
indicating lights of the indoor unit on or off.
The normal condition at start up is on.
16. Timer On Button - Press the Timer On
button to set the Timer On or start time,
symbol will fl ash on the display. Press
the control button or to adjust the start time.
, pressing and holding
symbol will be
to set the time you
Press this button again to cancel the Timer
On function, and
Confi rm the Timer On settings by pressing
Timer On button, or wait for 5 seconds after
selecting the desired time and the
will display permanently. Default time for
timer on is 8:00AM.
17. Timer Off Button - Press this button to enter
into Time Off setup, in which case the
symbol will blink. The method of setting
is the same as for Time On. Default time for
timer off is 5:00PM.
1. Transmission Indicator: Displays for 1 second
when the remote control transmits signals to
the indoor unit.
2. Quiet Function Display - Displays when Quiet
function is selected.
3. Turbo Function Display - Displays when
Turbo function is selected.
4. Fan Speed Display - Displays the selected
fan speed in the following sequence:
In Auto speed, only 11
symbol will disappear.
symbol displays.



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