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Introduction; Bosch Therm Model Certifi Cations - Bosch C 1210 ES Applications Manual

Bosch therm tankless water heaters
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1 Introduction

This Applications Manual is intended to present some of the most
common applications of the Bosch Therm tankless water heaters.
Application drawings are shown with both piping and corresponding
electrical schematics where applicable. Auxiliary equipment
depicted does not necessarily represent any one manufacturer or
specifi c model number. There are a wide variety of techniques,
practices and piping strategies possible when installing water
heating appliances. It is the responsibility of the installing contrac-
tor to determine the most suitable arrangement for the application.
All drawings are conceptual in nature and does not address
all design, installation or safety considerations. Additional
safety and/or auxiliary equipment may be needed.
Drawings are for reference use by offi cials, designers and
licensed installers. It is expected that installers have
adequate knowledge of accepted industry practices for the
equipment, procedures, and applications involved. It is the
responsibiltiy of the installer to ensure that the installation
is in accordance with local building codes.
Although this manual covers many common applications for our
products, system possibilities are virtually endless. Should you
encounter an application that is not covered in this manual or have
any questions regarding any of its content, we encourage you to
contact your local sales representative or us directly at Bosch
Thermotechnology .
This manual is not a substitute for any of the product's installation
manuals. All specifi cations subject to change.
Installation must conform with local codes or, in the
absence of local codes, the National Fuel Gas Code ANSI
Z223.1/NFPA 54.
In Canada: Installation must conform with CGA B149.(1,2)
INSTALLATION CODES and/or local installation codes.
2 Bosch THERM Model Certifi cations
The following are certifi cation stamps and explanations that are
specifi c to one or more Bosch tankless water heaters. These
certifi cations bring the appliances in accordance with the
requirements of the National Fuel Gas Code ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54.
Certifi ed to applicable U.S. standards for
appliances using gas or other petroleum fuel.
Certifi ed to applicable Canadian standards for
appliances using gas or other petroleum fuel.
Data subject to change without notice | 01.2011
THERM Tankless Water Heater Applications Manual
Certifi ed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Energy effi ciency certifi ed by Gas
Appliance Manufacturers Association
For Models GWH C 920 ESC and C 1210 ESC only.
These models are built in accordance with the
requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure
Vessel Code and received the Certifi cate of
Authorization from the National Board. The heat
exchanger has the NB and the HLW stamps.
Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors
Other certifi cations:
Met the California Energy Commission (CEC) standards
Approved by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
South Coast Air Quality Management



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