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Installation Requirements; Specialized Tools; Introduction; Proper Location For Installing Your Heater - Bosch 940 ESO Manual

940 eso - natural gas / 940 eso - liquefied petroleum (lp) gas
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Installation requirements


Specialized tools

The following specialized tools may be required for installation:
• Manometer
• Multi-meter
• Combustion Gas Analyzer


Please follow these instructions. Failure to follow instructions may
result in:
▶ Damage or injury.
▶ Improper operation.
▶ Loss of warranty.
▶ The water heater must be installed by a qualified
installer in accordance with these instructions. If
improperly installed, a hazardous condition such as
explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning could
result. Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. is not
responsible for improperly installed appliances.

Proper location for installing your heater

Carefully select the location of the water heater. For your safety and for
proper heater operation, you must provide combustion air to the heater
and a proper exhaust vent system.
Follow the guidelines below:
▶ 1. Locate the heater where venting, gas and plumbing connections
are feasible and convenient.
▶ 2. The hot water lines should be kept short and insulated to save
energy. Centrally locating the water heater is recommended to keep
hot water distribution times even throughout the structure.
NOTICE: Risk of appliance freezing!
▶ The water in this water heater is cold and always
remains cold except for the times the burner is on. In
the event of power outage in conjunction with
freezing temperatures, it is recommended that the
heater be drained.
See chapter 11.2, page 30 "Winterizing" for draining
▶ Flammable materials, gasoline, pressurized
containers, or any other items or articles that are
potential fire hazards must NOT be placed on or
adjacent to the heater. The appliance area must be
kept free of all combustible materials, gasoline and
other flammable vapors and liquids.
940 ESO

Installation using Outdoor Kit (BTOK)



DANGER: Severe burns or scald!
▶ The top of the outdoor kit will get very hot during
operation. Keep away from children. Install heater in
a location where the top of the kit cannot be reached
by small children.
▶ Flue gas will be released through the outdoor kit.
Flue gas is very hot and contains carbon monoxide.
The outdoor kit cannot be installed on a water heater
mounted indoors. To prevent risk of fire and carbon
monoxide poisoning, maintain all clearances
indicated in these instructions.
▶ Do not place or store any combustible material within
5 feet of the appliance. Maintain specified clearance
to combustibles on the wall where the appliance is
installed and any adjacent walls or overhang.
Observe all clearances required in this manual.
▶ Surface temperature of the kit is less than 140°F,
except highest top surface which may reach 300°F.
▶ Do not mount water heater directly onto vinyl siding,
see fig. 25.
The freeze prevention kit on the appliance is designed to
provide protection from temperatures down to
approximately 5°F for short term conditions only. It will
not protect the appliance in areas where the
temperature is routinely expected to be below freezing.
The freeze prevention kit will not protect plumbing
outside the appliance from freezing. Precautions must
be taken:
▶ Always drain the water heater if it will be exposed to
long term freezing conditions.
▶ The water in this appliance is cold and always
remains cold except for the times when the burner is
on. In the event of power outage in conjunction with
freezing temperatures, it is recommended that the
heater be drained.
▶ Damage to the appliance from freezing is not covered
under the manufacturer's warranty.
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