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Connecting Speakers; Constant Voltage Loudspeakers; Low Impedance Loudspeakers - Bosch Plena Easy Line PLE-1P120-EU Installation And User Instructions Manual

Plena power amplifier installation and user instructions


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Plena Power Amplifier | Installation and User Instructions | Connections and settings

Connecting speakers

Connect speakers to the 70 V, the 100 V or the 8 Ohm
terminals on the Euro style pluggable screw terminal
connector (6) at the rear of the unit.

Constant voltage loudspeakers

figure 4.3: Connecting speakers
The power amplifier can drive 70V and 100 V constant
voltage loudspeakers. The 100 V connection in shown
in figure 4.3.
Connect the loudspeakers in parallel and check the
loudspeaker polarity for in-phase connection. The
summed loudspeaker power should not exceed the
rated amplifier output power.
Bosch Security Systems | 2008-02 | PLE-1P120-EU, PLE-1P240-EU en

Low impedance loudspeakers

figure 4.4: Connecting speakers
Connect low impedance loudspeakers to the 8 Ohm/0
terminals. This output can deliver the rated output
power into an 8 Ohm load. Connect multiple
loudspeakers in a series/parallel-arrangement to make
the combined impedance 8 Ohm or higher. Check the
loudspeaker polarity for in-phase connection.
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